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Picture Post: Too big for the bassinet!

Since we brought her home, we have slept with her bassinet pushed right up against my side of the bed. (Note to self: next time, buy a co-sleeper.)

I know that it is probably time to transition her into her own bed in her own room, but, I can’t help it- I’m just not ready!

What age did you put your baby into their own crib/bedroom? I know she will do fine, it’s honestly just me.

Hurray! I am now number 82. I WANT to be #24. If you already voted, vote again! You can vote once a day. How do you vote? You click the banner below. That’s it. It will open a new tab/page, and you can close it, because you’re done. Yay! Help me!

6 comments to Picture Post: Too big for the bassinet!

  • Lisa

    Second week she was home. She hated her bassinet. You’ll do great!

    • Wow! Lisa! Good for you! I must admit, working mother’s guilt is eating me alive, especially since I seriously “see” my kid for like two hours a day before she goes to sleep, so putting her in a room across the hall is KILLING me. Working moms deserve a medal.

      • Lisa

        Ha! It’s hard. I see her for about four hours before bed. BUT I have also realized that I could never be a stay at home mom. I enjoy what I do AND I need to work. And I know that when I’m working she’s in good hands. I get more stressed out being home with her than I do at school. I know it sounds terrible, but I enjoy my weekends and breaks that much more.

        And her room is downstairs. But she’s sleeping through the night now so I’m very happy.

  • Judy

    The picture brings back memories – I have a similar one of you when you started “knocking on the bassinet walls”! Vivien will sleep better in her big bed where she can stretch out and move around a little. Can’t believe she’s 4 months already! Mom

  • So sweet! We will have another baby in a bassinet in just a couple months I can’t wait! Thanks for the sweet reminder that they grow way to fast.

    • They really do! It’s crazy to think that she’s 4 months old now! I know that’s still a baby, but those 4 months have flown right by! Best of luck and love for your upcoming child. :)