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I love you, Stinky Butt.

We bought Vivien this book a while back. We thought it was super cute, (and it really is! I highly suggest it!)

Little did I know that with the addition of rice cereal to her diet, something else would happen. Something so vile, it brought tears to my eyes, and a dry heave to my throat.

Stinky poop!

I’m not saying that before this, her doo-doo smelled like roses. It just didn’t stink. Especially since we have been exclusively breast feeding since birth. (I’ve had the “pleasure” of smelling formula poops and they fall into the “stinky” category.)

Well, those days are long, long over.

Oh picnik, I will miss you when you close.

For the past month or so, she has been on an “Every 4-5 day schedule” (if ya know what I mean.)

Well, THIS week it was 7 days. Today was day 7. Beware the “solid food poops!”

It’s ok, Vivien. Mommy and Daddy still love you, even though you have a stinky butt now. :)

Happy Weekend!

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1 comment to I love you, Stinky Butt.

  • Hahahaha I love your threat at the end of the post – that’s freaking hilarious!

    I do not look forward to the stinky poo phase… I actually hadn’t really thought about it too much before, and now I’m quite scared! Actually, I’m more scared for when things… umm… come together more. I’ll take messy BF poo any day before I take poo that looks like an adults. Yuck. Let’s see how excited about cloth diapering I am THEN! ;-)