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First Trimester Staples

Welcome to the Pregnancy Necessities Carnival!
This post was written for inclusion in the Pregnancy Necessities Carnival hosted by Parenting God’s Children. Today, participants share what they simply cannot live without during their pregnancies or simply what to gather for their upcoming new addition. Please see the full list of links to the other carnival submissions at the end of this post. Enjoy!

I want to preface this blog by stating that, at no point, was I a “cute pregnant girl.” This especially applies to my first half of pregnancy, because I was violently ill 24/7. If I wasn’t actually throwing up, I was in what I labeled, “vomit purgatory.” Purgatory is basically where you are hovered over the toilet praying to finally throw up and be done with it, but you never actually do. Specific smells set me over the edge. I lived off orange juice and peanut butter sandwiches. I had waste baskets placed everywhere around the house.

I used to look in envy at women who would look pregnant. Until I was about 25 weeks, I just looked like I had said, “yes, please” to one too many cupcakes. There are some things though that I swear by that helped take the edge off of things. I label the following list my “First Trimester Staples.”

  • Sea Bands. Best $10 I’ve spent. I know it’s supposed to put pressure on specific wrist points to ease nausea associated with things like motion sickness (or pregnancy.) I was very grateful that I found these, and wore them pretty much all the time.
  • Preggo Pop Drops. For one, they taste good. (Especially the orange, but like I said before, I had a serious orange flavored craving all the time.) They were also great to keep in my purse for that awkward moment when you’re sitting in an important meeting, and someone unwraps a ham sandwich next to you, and you don’t want them to see you dry heaving. It took my mind off being sick momentarily, and put a new taste/smell in my mind.
  • Ginger pills. I despise the flavor of ginger. I found an herbal supplement at Whole Foods and took them in a pill form. Much easier.
  • Belly bands. I know that this doesn’t really fall into the sickness category, but let me tell you these things were/are a good send! I woke up one day, and literally couldn’t button my pants. It happened overnight! I slipped one of these bad boys on, and away I went. Actually, I still wear them daily, as I am nursing and it is a bit more modest from the side and back (the parts that my hooter hider doesn’t hide all the time.)

The laughable part about all of this though, is when I see a pregnant person now, I smile and cannot wait until I’m pregnant again (don’t worry! It won’t be too soon!) I miss my pregnant belly (even though I felt like a whale and couldn’t see my feet.) I miss feeling her tiny feet kick me from the inside, and wondering whose nose she will have (answer: Daddy’s)

I may not be as sentimental about it, however, when I am sleeping on the bathroom floor for 20 weeks straight, once again.

Women everywhere will cringe that I did, indeed, find myself pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen...about to put buns in the oven. On accident! (While drinking a ginger ale at 10 weeks pregnant) My supportive friend clicked a picture in hopes that one day, I would laugh over it.


Please take time to read the submissions by the other carnival participants!


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12 comments to First Trimester Staples

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  • I have been in the exact same situation with my first trimester and into my 2nd trimester this time around. Vomit purgatory is the perfect way to put it…it is so miserable!

    Sea Bands have definitely helped! I’d die without them!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who found slight relief with sea bands. :)
      I do, however, wish that someone would market them to look a bit more “fabulous.” They look like sweat-bands and looked silly with my business apparel.

  • During my first pregnancy I often felt like I was going to vomit, but just didn’t very much. But during my second pregnancy, I was all about the vomit. Here’s hoping that your next pregnancy brings less vomit than the last one!

    • Thanks, Alicia!
      Yes, I am hoping that the next time around is better.
      However, she is an angelic baby (never cries, sleeps all night, etc) so I may be nervous of “what’s to come” if I have an easy-peasy pregnancy next time, haha.

  • Boo on being sick, but some good tips on curing those illnesses! Every pregnancy is different, maybe your next one won’t be as rough!
    Thanks for participating! <3

  • [...] First Trimester Staples — Megan BB from The Memoirs of Megan shares her first trimester “must haves” [...]

  • Vomit purgatory made me pee from laughing so hard! I was there for 14 weeks and it sucked so hard. Cheeze Its and Gingerale were my only friends. I traveled so much while I was pregnant and airplane rides, hotel shuttles, rental car shuttles, etc… did nothing to help with the vomit purgatory. I would sit and dry heave regularly throughout my travels. Thrilled the other passengers. I did love ginger candies and sea bands but all they did was sometimes take the edge off. I love the picture! I wouldn’t let anyone near me with a camera while I felt so lousy!

  • I also traveled a ton and would apologize before the next seat over would even sit down. I had the walk of shame with the red puke bag down to a science.
    That picture is seriously the ONLY picture that I have of me early on. I think I was like 10 or 11 weeks in it.
    Thanks for reading and commenting! I love your blog! New follower! :)

  • imafulltimemummy

    Yikes, sorry to hear about your first trimester! I have been blessed with smooth and safe pregnancy both times. Here’s wishing you all the best!

    Love your blog header pic! Gorgeous ring!