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Video Post: Baby “Growling”

Ok so, seriously, skip to like, 50 seconds into the movie, or else you are going to hear Eli making a total idiot out of himself, because he is convinced that by “barking” at her, it prompts her to do her growling sound.

And you’ll hear me say, “Daddy sounds dumb.”

And him respond with, “No, you gotta do it like this…”

And her smile at him because he, indeed, sounds dumb.

The very last like, 2 seconds are of her growly sound, and then we laugh.

Ok. Just watch. I’m tired and don’t need to give a YouTube play-by-play. :)

Don’t forget to click this ^^^^^^^^ picture. Yes those are arrows. Do it.

8 comments to Video Post: Baby “Growling”

  • I’m trying to watch your video but it reads, “this video is private” I thought if I left a comment it will understand. oh well, it won’t let me watch your video. Have a great day1

  • Ah, now it works! So cute! Vivien truly is the most gorgeous baby around. There have been sooo many people that have given birth recently (this past year) and of course they keep posting pictures onto their facebook accounts. I wish for many of the pictures of their babies they wouldn’t post so often because even though they are their babies & the parents are proud of their babies not all of them are that good lookin’….does that make sense?

    I feel bad writing that because all babies are supposed to be cute but it just isn’t true….laughing! However with Vivi, she IS adorable! If I didn’t have cancer, she has made me question whether I want kids because how sweet she is.:)
    love you back!!

    • LOL awe, poor little weird looking babies. I’m sure they will grow into their looks. :) Thanks for the compliment! She truly is a great baby- hardly ever cries, and is super easy going. I’m spoiled with her being my first one. :)

  • Elena @The Art of Making a Baby

    Go check my FB page :)
    V is adorable btw!

  • That’s so cute!! I’m a new fan! Found you from Top Mommy Blogs!