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A New & Exciting Chapter!

So it’s time for the amazing, super duper, awesome news! {No, I’m NOT pregnant, I got like, 30 people asking me that, too! Goodness, people! My cesarean scar has barely healed. :) }

Eli accepted a job offer and we are moving to Colorado!

I also accepted a new job offer as well, that I am thrilled to begin mid-April: Stay at Home Mommy.

I am truly blessed with a husband that supports me {emotionally, and financially} and knows how much I have been wanting the opportunity to become a full time stay at home Mom since she’s been born (and especially since returning to work.)

We will be moving the end of April!

Why Colorado? It’s where Eli was born and raised. His entire family lives there. Currently, the closest family that we have is (mine) and they are about 8 hours away in Southern California. 

We can finally afford to buy a house! According to a website cost of living calculator, houses costs are 51% lower in Colorado. Owning a home in the Bay Area has always seemed unrealistic (houses in our area go for around $800,000 for a single family starter home), and we would have had to settle for a smaller house, or living further away from our now-central location.

After living in California for 19 years of my life, I have to admit that part of me is sad about this move, as California will always be in my heart. I “grew up” here, in two completely different ages in my life.

California, you hold a very special place in my heart and will forever be my home. You brought me best friends (!), a husband, and a baby. 

I am so excited to start a new chapter in our lives, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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PS: Because of the move that is occuring very quickly in the near future, I am begging those of you that are “working on” doing a guest blog post for me, to send them in to me via email ASAP . It will really help me out. I appreciate it. :)

12 comments to A New & Exciting Chapter!

  • Andi

    So excited for you!!! And sad for me because I will miss seeing you in person! Being a Stay at Home Mom is something I always wanted to be as well, especially when the kids were babies. I totally get that and I am thrilled that you get to make that a reality for you and for Viv. She is only going to be this age once and you have to soak it all in. I’ve never written a blog but if you get desperate I can throw something together :) Love ya MBB!

  • Sue Cubillas

    This is so exciting Megan! Staying home with my kiddos when they were so little was the best time of life! Good luck and take care from one Michigander turned Californian to another :) Sue

    • Sue,
      Thanks for the well wishes!
      I actually was born in Southern California and lived there until I was 10, when I moved to Michigan. I only lived in Mi. for 9 years but I did go to Middle School and High School in Mi. :) So I guess it counts. :)
      I’m actually going back to Mi. for like, two weeks this summer! It will be my first visit back there since 2009 when I went for a funeral for 4 days, and before that, when I moved away in 2004.
      Eli’s actually never been to Mi. or met my extended family out there, so I am VERY excited to take him back with me. :)
      Plus, summer in Port Huron, can’t get more fun than that! :)

  • I’m so thrilled for you and your family for your move!! How exciting! I’m beyond thrilled that you can now stay at home with your baby!

  • Ahh OMG SOOO excited for you! This is awesome news all around – home ownership AND staying home with Ms. V?!?! Perfection. Hope to see posts on the house hunt – Colorado is beautiful – can’t wait to see where you end up!

  • Judy

    I am excited about you moving closer to me! At least, CO is do-able for a car trip, and even closer by plane (Denver is one of the best places for me to change planes on the way to CA – now I can see you!) I am so thankful that these circumstances will make it possible for you to be a stay-at-home-Mom – my favorite job of all! Happy packing!! Mom

  • Elena @The Art of Making a Baby

    Oh yay I’m so excited for you !!! V is going to be so lucky to have her mom stay home. And Colorado is not the worst place to be in. As a matter of fact personally if I were to freeze my butt somewhere itd be CO or NYC and NYC isn’t kid friendly.

    • I would kill to live in nyc. I adore it there. :) I lived in Michigan for 9 years, so I guess I’m at least somewhat prepared for the snow, although I’ve been away from it for 10 years almost :) Thanks! I’m soooo excited.

  • Awesome! It’s cool that you’re moving to where it snows.