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The Reality: We can buy a house!

As I mentioned before, we are in the process of looking to buy a house in Colorado. After a quick online assessment of a few things such as getting our credit report online and finding out what our budget is, it is crazy to think that in the state of California, we would be able to afford a run-down 3 bedroom fixer upper for around $400,000.

In Colorado, we are finding houses in the Denver area around a comfortable price range (read: half of the California budget) that are 4+ bedrooms and look like this: 

The idea of buying a house is so exciting to us! (Eli was up until midnight last night looking at houses on the online Realtor portal that she opened for us to “e-tour”) 

I am planning in my head how to decorate (and can’t wait to have a separate ”living room” and “family room.” ) Pinterest is evil! 

It is such a big deal to us to go down this path. We have been saving since we became engaged, Eli has the free credit score website saved on his bookmarks monitoring everything, we have been consolidating our (my) insanely gigantic student loans, and paying off credit card debt. All of this effort has finally paid off, and we are about to embark on an exciting pathway of becoming first time home-buyers. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

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9 comments to The Reality: We can buy a house!

  • I’ve been looking at houses in Tacoma and I found a plantation looking one for 250! Redic!

    • Insane. While I love living in California, I have to admit that the ability to buy a wonderful house on a way smaller mortgage is 100% appealing.

  • I’m so proud of you two! To be honest, I’m sitting here in tears because I know it is something I will never be able to do which breaks my heart because it has always been a dream of mine to get married and buy a home and knowing I will never have that option is what saddens me. Even though it does make me sad for me, I am extremely excited and happy for you, Eli and Vivien to be able to make your dreams come true! I love you!

  • Hopefully that isn’t weird that I wrote that, I wanted you to know how important I think what you both are doing and how excited I am for your family. You’ll never be sorry that you stayed home to raise your own children!

    • That’s also how I feel about things. I don’t believe that I will ever look back on the time I spend at home with my kids and think, “I wish I would have kept working.” I give MAJOR props to working Moms, it’s a super hard job balancing everything.
      We are excited about the house thing as well, a little overwhelmed, but very excited. I can’t believe that I’m going to be moving in less than a month (and I haven’t even started packing yet- at all.)

  • sheena

    Did a lot of home improvement shopping this past weekend. Super fun! The only things I’ve been totally settled on are these gorgeous, hand made and numbered, adirondack chairs made from used wine barrels and some custom tiles for “the kids’ bathroom”. Otherwise we can only agree on concepts, rather than actual items. Fire pit, garden, built in grill, and cut of diamond…

    • The wine barrel idea sounds amazing!!!! You should look into making them yourselves? I know they sell the barrels up in Napa for like $30/piece. I wanted to use them with gardening, but then realized….I don’t garden. :) Did you buy anything this weekend?

      • sheena

        Ideally , we *can* make our own, but supporting small business is always cool too. And sometimes, making stuff yourself doesn’t always come out the way you thought or wanted it to. Didn’t buy anything. The house gets closed on next month so its just idea gathering.

        • I totally agree about the small business aspect. Trust me, I’m a “buy it if you can and if you can’t, THEN make it” kinda gal. :) Send me the link? I’d love to see what you were looking at!