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Fall Dreamin’

If you know me at all, you know that there is one part of the year that I have a love affair with (it isn’t remotely close to being a secret one.)


It’s true, as the temperature starts climbing hotter and hotter and the leaves start turning bright green with the promise of the spring and summer climate, I find myself yearning for another time completely.

During my fall day-dreams, I find myself thinking about what I love specifically about fall.

University of Michigan football (along with Vivien’s adorable U of M Cheerleading  Costumes that she will be wearing every Saturday rooting on the Wolverines)

Go Blue!

Halloween decorations! Halloween costumes! (Can you tell it’s my favorite holiday?)

Last Halloween she was 11 days old!

Pumpkin spice lattes. Pumpkin flavored everything!

My wedding anniversary also happens to be on Halloween as well!

Daydreaming about fall means also thinking about her first birthday (oh my!) along with Thanksgiving family traditions (which can hopefully continue even though we will live in a different state.)

So while 90% of people dream about summer, warm weather and beach days, I will continue having fond flashbacks of fall, and wishing for the swift return of the season that holds so much meaning for my family.

Happy Friday!

4 comments to Fall Dreamin’

  • Judy

    I love fall, too, but maybe one of these days you will discover, as I have, that ALL of the seasons have a special beauty of their own. I find myself looking forward to each season, even the first snowfall of the winter! By the way, it’s the end of March now and it’s snowing outside this very minute! Gotta love Michigan! Mom

  • Kay

    NO!!! UofM… girl… this is NOT okay.. Hahaha! I love fall too – we were tailgating for some SPARTAN football with Jack when he was just a month old :) Now that you are moving to CO you will probably have more traditional seasonal weather right?! How exciting!!

    • That’s true. Living in northern California now I have been able to see the leaves change colors at least, but there really is no “winter” (which I’m cool with, I despised Michigan winters and hope I won’t loathe Colorado ones) Uhm and BTW, you live on the eastern side of the state now, you’re in blue territory, dude :) welcome to the thumb!