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Milestone: Belly Laughing

While we were prepping to eat some barley tonight (ie: undressing) we started playing. And the belly laughing started (first her, then me)

It warms my heart. Welcome, belly laughing Vivien!

*Dont mind my super obnoxious baby talk and the dogs play fighting in the background.*

We really should charge the HD video camera [...]

Cooking Adventure: Hawaiian Teriyake Chicken

Crock Pot Hawaiian Teriyake Chicken


Chicken Breast 1 can crushed canned pineapples I bottle of teriyake sauce

How To:

Place chicken breast in crockpot Cover with teriyake sauce and empty can of pineapple Cook on low 5-6 hours, on high 3-4 hours Once cooked (past 165 degrees for you fellow chicken cooking afraid [...]

Pinterest Project Complete!

I am finally uploading some pictures and am happy to report my very first successful pinterest project:

Meal Planning Board

So one of my goals in becoming a stay at home Mom is preparing a meal at night time for the family. I would always get overwhelmed though, and go grocery shopping and come [...]