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Food Fun: Barley

The last step with the grain testing was barley. At first, she didn’t seem to like it, however, it slowly grew on her. I can tell she doesn’t like it as much as oatmeal, but she eats it just fine, so we’ll finish off the box and be done with it. (and probably buy some more oatmeal to use as a thickening grain with veggies)

Something that is helpful though, it that it makes her more “regular” if you know what I mean. (Bye bye prune juice!)

Unsure of barley at first. Daddy decided she needed to wear a silly looking hat to eat that day.

She seems to be getting the hang of it. :) {and wants to help with the spoon}

Starting tomorrow! Vivien’s first veggie: Peas!! 

Stay Tuned! I have the steamer basket and Baby Bullet all prepped!

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6 comments to Food Fun: Barley

  • Judy

    I recall some “ready made” baby cereal were “mixed grains” – maybe baby V would like the barley better if you put some oatmeal in it, too. Just a thought! Good luck with veggies. Mom

  • Dope. I love that you’re making her food (the peas coming up…). I swear, it’s like the best mom-therapy ever. And you’re all fancy pants with your Baby Bullet. I have a food processor and ice cube trays.

  • anya100

    Barley is a tasty treat! I eat it (it’s even featured in one of my recent posts) and as soon as my baby is ready for solid food he will be eating it too!

    • Thanks for commenting, Anya! She did eventually warm up to barley, but she’s still an oatmeal kind of gal. At this point, we alternate between barley and oatmeal along with fruits and veggies. :) Cute blog! Welcome to the bloggy scene! :) I loved your creativity with using the breast milk bags for ziplocks. I have to admit to doing it vice versa when I ran out of BM storage bags, but never the other way around! :) You gotta do, what you gotta do! :)