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Moving Sucks

My house looks like a cardboard disaster zone. Seriously, I feel like a hoarder having to step over things, or move between pathways. There is one thing that puts me over the edge: a cluttered and dirty house. It makes me physically uncomfortable. So now that that house is my house, well, I’ve been slightly irritable. :)  (Sorry Eli!)

We do 98% of our packing work after 10:00pm when Vivien is sleeping. The upstairs is (almost) completely done, now we have to box up the living room and the *shudder*…kitchen.

Movers are coming bright and early Saturday morning! Wish us luck!!

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7 comments to Moving Sucks

  • Kay

    Ahhh!!! I know this feeling all to well!!!!!! Don’t worry, it will be over soon, and then you will sit in your new place and go, “ahhh”.. how is the house search coming?! I am green with envy… I want a house so bad – just trying to keep our “five year plan” as my main focus :) good luck!!!!

    • Kay, Don’t get too jealous just yet, what we DO have is a (tiiiiinnnyyyy) 750 sq foot 1 bedroom apartment where we will be living until we find a house and put in an offer, and finance it. So we are looking at about 3 months in the apartment at least. (With a baby and two dogs) You’ll get there! The positive thing is that houses are at least affordable in Michigan. Where we live in California it wasn’t even an option to own a home. :) We haven’t been looking too seriously within the past couple weeks at homes, because it’s been more of a “well we will be there in a couple weeks, lets just go see it in person” type thing. I’ll be in Michigan (Port Huron) for two weeks this summer, we should meet at the beach and have a play date! :) It looks like you had fun in DC (from what I saw on Instagram!)

  • I am seriously impressed that you can pack up an entire place after the hours of 10pm. That. Is. Amazing. And yay movers! Still trying to convince Derek that we need movers this time around…

    • We have a two story townhouse that has a twisty staircase. My tailbone is still hurting, and having to wrangle the baby who is in the “I am going to scream if you put me down” phase…well, it was $300 well spent. Yes, 10pm-1am is our productive time. However, the husband gets to sleep in til 10 or so, I, on the other hand, am up with the baby at 7:30.

      • Ah – apparently that phase is contagious – we’ve been trying to roll with that too! Holy cow 10 – 1 – yikes – hopefully you’re catching naps when V naps! Can’t believe the move is coming up so soon!!!! SO exciting!

  • Judy

    Wish I could be there to help out – at least keep Vivien from screaming! Movers – what are they??

  • Fingers crossed this will be me someday…. I did a lot of packing when I was prego as all can be. I have faith in you!!