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Guest Bloggers: Kay from Life After…

Hello lovely readers of Megan’s blog! 

I know girlfriend is beyond busy getting herself, the hubs, & Miss Vivien moved- so I am beyond honored to be guest posting today :)

I’m Kayla – known as Kay on my blog, Life After…I am a resident of the lovely state of Michigan – born and raised!

Newlywed to my husband John. Mama to my 8 month old, Jack (better known as Bubba!)

Megan was the FIRST person to comment on me blog that wasn’t family/friends. I actually jumped up and down when I saw her comment – total nerd status.
We have bonded over mutual obsession with our children, mad love for the Great Lake State, and MOSTLY our dedication to feeding our babies the most nutritional way we know how.
I am a big advocate for making your own baby food. You can read all about why, my must-have babyfood making materials, & even recipes, here!
But today I wanted to share with all of you a little secret.
I’m feeling really burnt out on making baby food.
There! I said it!
I never knew this would happen.
I have started to resent my potato peeler and my baby food maker.
The monotonous process of peel, core, steam, puree, portion, clean, repeat- has gotten to me!
I try to lighten my baby-food making load by making enough food for two weeks all in 1-2 days.
I resent these days.
but then…
I see my baby boy enjoying all of my hard work!
He “mmm”s after every bite. He smiles and laughs during every meal.
But most of all, he’s growing healthy and strong!
I have piece of mind knowing that EVERYTHING he puts into his mouth (okay, not everything, he has a  knack for finding hairballs stuck in the carpet- no matter how often I vacuum!) is pure, healthy, organic, and clean! And as any mama knows – piece of mind is worth millions!
Pay us a visit!

Thanks for having us Megan



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