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Milestone: Army Crawlin’ Baby!

If you follow me on Twitter/Facebook (and if you don’t, shame on you! All the cool kids are doing it) you will know that I just posted a big congrats to Vivien who has entered into the crawling world.

Look at her go! I had to wipe away the tears of realization that my baby is growing up, rather quickly. Between that, and the whole, “I feed myself puffs” thing, I am one proud Momma.
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Also, Vivien keeps trying to say hi to everyone, so here it is: 3435.325298+55553




6 comments to Milestone: Army Crawlin’ Baby!

  • I was SO hoping you would post a video! And never did I think I would be as lucky to get a video with V crawling (amazeballs!) AND the dogs!!!!

    Made my day complete :)

    And whoa she is fast! Look out!

  • Christy Ingle

    Love the sweet V and can’t wait to see her in 2 weeks! Her mom, too, I guess… :)

  • So sweet! I always got so annoyed when people say “they grow up so fast!” And then I became a parent and I totally get it. I can’t believe that my little man is 5 months and almost sitting up on his own. It really is crazy how quickly these little ones develop.

    And that “yaaaaayyyy” in the background of the video sounds like me in EVERY video we’ve taken of Jacob. He rolls over – “yaaaayyy”, he giggles – “yaaay”, he blows rasberries – “yaaay”. You get the point.

  • LOL it’s so embaressing! Between that and my automatic and constant baby talk, I want to slap myself. I don’t know how to make it stop either! :)
    For some reason, I always think of Jacob as like, a newborn, so seeing that he’s almost 5 months and is doing all those things is super trippy to me right now. He’s a doll, I LOVED the instagram pic this AM.

  • Michele

    wahaha sooo cuute <3 I also love your YAAAAAY.