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Insta-Friday (Week 8)

life rearranged

To go along with my cloth diapering attempt, I am also trying to use cloth wipes. I will be making my own solution as well. I am actually pretty excited about this whole thing. 

Someone(s) got their hairs cut this week. They don’t smell like compost anymore.

We packed Eli’s beard trimmer, and think it’s in storage. So until then, he looks like a mountain man. This is a picture of his best friend, and him.

Madness on the bed. We don’t have any furniture in the living room really except a rocking chair and a computer desk chair, so we “hang out” on the bed quite often. Have I mentioned how excited I am to be moving into my big, beautiful house in TWO WEEKS?!

Vivien loves her puppies. I guess I like them more too when they don’t smell like garbage, because this week in instagram has a dog theme to it.

Ok, so Vivien LOVES pulling my power cord for my laptop out of my laptop. Then she looks at it. Yesterday, she put herself to sleep while holding it. Don’t trip out, I was seriously inches away from her, and she had a pacifier in her mouth so she wasn’t eating it. Then I took it away. Mom of the year.\

Happy Friday!

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