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It’s Ok Thursday (2)

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s Ok……


That my husband is fully aware that he has to dye my hair this weekend. He’s typically pretty good at it too. Dying my hair the darkest version of blue-black is always a pain in the booty (not to mention super messy) but it will save me $60


That I am selfishly loving all of the reviews that I have scheduled. A lot of times, people find me to review their products and give them away via, so please keep voting for me, so I can keep getting free stuff delivered to my front door (and giving YOU the opportunity to win it!)


To have a case of blogger jealousy every now and again. There will always be a bigger blog, or someone with more followers, but I am rather partial and think that mine rock


That I’ve been procrastinating with getting things ready for my two week vacation to Michigan. Vivien and I will be leaving in 9 days! We can’t wait!


That I spent over an hour in the kitchen the other day making dinner, but my husband enjoyed the crappy Reuben sandwiches that I made tonight in less than 10 minutes better.


That I am seriously COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS until we are in our new beautiful home. We close a week from today, and move in on the 24th. I can’t wait! Finally a homeowner!


That I’ve been staying up past 1:00am every night lately, because I finally have some “me” time then. Good thing Vivien doesn’t wake her little booty up until at least 8am typically.

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2 comments to It’s Ok Thursday (2)

  • Oh the blog envy! I totally know it. I was reading a blog the other day and the writer said, “I got 300 new followers last month!” I was like, seriously? How on earth did you do that? She must have a lot more cool stuff to say than I do. But you just roll with it and move on. I think it’s hard in the beginning especially (where I am now!).

  • Thank you so much for the comment love! Where will you be coming to in Michigan? I’m from Portland (in between Lansing & GR) but live in East Lansing. Your daughter is adorable!