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Guest Bloggers: Heather from Cookies for Breakfast

Hello all my new friends – you readers of The Memoirs of Megan!

In case you missed me the first time I guest
here, let me introduce myself. I’m Heather and I blog at Cookies for Breakfast!

Me & my cutie little son, Benjamin. I like having him in
clothing that proclaims his love for me.

Since Megan’s awesome mom is getting married (she’s gotta be awesome for having a kid like Megan!
), I thought I’d “do her a solid” (my favorite Megan-ism) and write something nice for you all while she’s
away enjoying the wedding bells and a vacation.

So we recently had The Big Budget Talk here at the Cookies For Breakfast household (cue sad violins).
We’re trying to see if we can actually stick to a budget, which means zero spending on anything besides
necessities for the next few months. Talk about un-fun.

My son Benjamin is 7 months old and super interested in the world, so it’s fun to take him places and let
him explore. Which is great except that I can’t go far on my gas budget. And once we get where we’re
going, we can’t spend a lot of money.

So, ladies and gents, I present to you, how to have fun with your baby this summer for 32 cents!


Done, and done.

Let me explain. A pet store is equivalent to a zoo/aquarium in the eyes of a baby who knows nothing
else of the world.

I recently took Ben to a tiny pet supply store – so tiny that they didn’t even have anything exciting like
rabbits or ferrets (Ferrets always remind me of Kindergarten Cop. IT’S NOT A TUMAH!). It was his very
first time riding around in a shopping cart, which was enough of a thrill for him. We could have skipped
the pet store entirely and just pranced around the parking lot and he would have been psyched.

See? Thrilled to pieces. And this was before we even went into
the store.

We tooled around the aisles for awhile, looking at pet beds and playing with the dog toys (which look
just like baby toys).

After all that fun, I found the cat toys. And teased Ben with them for 5 minutes.

And then, the piece de resistance – the animals. This store had mice, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, all kinds
of birds, and all kinds of fish. We stopped by every cage/tank and talked about the animals inside. To be
totally honest, I think I was more entertained by this than Ben, thinking I was all enriching his life and
providing real-world-learning, but I digress.

Though I think our favorite part of the day was the giant bone.

He had the best time. I felt guilty for parading around the store for an hour, snapping a million pictures,
and wanted to buy something – like an “admission fee.” So, I tossed a few dog treats from the scoop-
your-own section into a bag and called it a day.

Total cost of the 6 treats: 32 cents.

So, give it a whirl – I hope you have fun!

Do you have any interesting & inexpensive ways to have fun with your kids?

Shameless self-promotion: If you like what you saw here, come
join the fun at
Cookies For Breakfast, facebook, twitter, & Instagram!

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