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Monkey Business: 8 Months

*Vivien turned 8 months on June 20th. Yes, I know today is July 11th. However, I was SUPER busy on June 20th, and have been ever since, so while I was able to take her monkey pictures (kind of, she wouldn’t sit still so they suck)  I am just now able to write up her 8 month post. Sorry*

Vivien is now 8 Months Old*

I have no idea about statistics, because my baby scale was still packed at this point. However, I know she is still comfortably wearing 6-9 month clothing. She can also still wear some 3-6 month onesies. Most of her rompers are 6-12 month size. She is wearing a size 2 diaper (and we are looking forward to starting to cloth diaper soon!)

New Developments:

  • She is crawling
  • On her 8 month birthday, she learned how to pull herself up in her pack and play. There’s been no turning back since. She pulls up on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. It’s time to baby proof the house *sigh*
  • I can feel 4 new teeth nubs getting ready to pop out on her top. Oh my!
  • She can sit herself up unassisted, meaning, she can lay down, roll over, and sit herself back up.

As you can tell, she LOVES orange veggies (check the nose.) For some reason, I only noticed it in pictures, so since then, we have been limiting her orange veggies and fruits to once a day. (sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, mangoes)

What we did this last month:

  • We bought a home! The house closing was June 21 (the day after she turned 8 months)
  • Packing, again.
  • We survived Daddy being gone for a whole week on a business trip. Alone with a baby and two dogs in a tiny apartment? Not easy.

Things we are looking forward to:

  • Going to Michigan for Mema’s wedding!
  • Seeing Vivien’s BFF and Auntie, Aunt Christy. (I love her oodles too!)
  • Meeting Uncle Mike, Aunt Stef and their small troop of kiddos. (Ha! Just kidding!)
  • Moving into our new house.

Other Stuff:

  • To see last month’s Monkey Business, click here!
  • Also, has reset their votes *Again* so please do me a HUGE favor and click the banner below. I’d like to stay in the top 50, and right now I’m hanging out around #80 something. Boo.
  • I’ll be having another give-away within the week! :) Stay Tuned!

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