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Food Fun: Mixing

When we were on vacation, it was pretty hard to make my own baby food 100% of the time. Especially when we went to over to the western side of the state for our day-cation within the vacation, it was hard to plan homemade food while not being sure of our accommodations. (Any advice from those who have traveled and make your own baby food would be greatly appreciated!)

So Vivien ate some pouch-type food, which typically I don’t give her. I do not have anything against store-bought baby food, for the most part. I have a problem with some companies putting preservatives into the baby food to give it a longer shelf life, however, I have found some amazing, organic brands that I trust. The biggest part is the cost. Those suckers cost me $1.69 EACH. Vivien eats three times a day, and usually she will have about 4 oz of baby food plus something else (some oatmeal, or yogurt, etc.) If you do the math, that is $5.07 on baby food per day. *I bought them at Meijer & Kroger. They were not on sale, so I’m sure you CAN get those brands cheaper with coupons, or watching when they go on sale.*

One benefit to them though is that they have some interesting combos. Things that I would have never thought of:

Image Via

This one ended up being a big hit with her. (and I had to google what a rutabaga is. I had no idea. I also don’t ever think I’ve eaten one in my life.) So when I went home and went to the local farmer’s market and saw some rutabagas, I had to give it a try, home-made style. It’s also a giant plus that it is not an orange veggie. Remember? I’m trying to sneak some greens into her diet? I completely forgot about spinach. I use spinach in my protein shake smoothies, and it doesn’t add any additional flavor, just lots of nutrients.

Spinach/Apple/Rutabaga Baby Food:

I used 1 organic rutabaga, 3 Organic Apples (Gala and Fiji are the sweetest and best to use in this case,) and a bunch of spinach. (Not a bunch as in “a lot”, like, a bunch. A head of spinach? It’s not head-like though. A handful? Whatevs. Just add spinach.)

  • Peel the apples and rutabaga with a peeler
  • Core the apple
  • Chop into smaller pieces
  • Put apples and rutabaga into steamer basket (I put them in together and it turned out fine. They were “done” at the same time.)
  • Steam until soft (it took me about 10 minutes)
  • Put in bowl and set aside.

  • Steam the spinach until it’s soft-ish. Not too much though. It took me less than 10 minutes to steam the spinach.

  • Put all three ingredients into your baby bullet (or any food processor/blender) I had to make two “batches” of this in the baby bullet.
  • Add 1/4 cup water (or more or less for texture that your baby enjoys)
  • Blend
  • Portion off. This recipe made me 22 oz* of pureed (yet chunky) baby food.

Side Note: Rutabagas have a very strong and unique taste to them. I would describe it as “spicy” but not like hot, spicy. If your baby doesn’t really like this, you may want to add more apples, as it sweetens the rutabaga up. The spinach doesn’t really add much taste, and gives it a pretty green color. 

Verdict?! Vivien LOVES this food. Tonight she ate through 4 ounces of it, and I didn’t have to do the airplane spoon trick to keep her interested. If she really loves a food, she will often-times say “Mmmmm.” I got about 10 of those tonight. This recipe will be making a return appearance. 

Good Luck!

*22 oz of this recipe would have cost me almost $10 to buy it in a pouch. I made it homemade for less than $5 total.

What were/are your baby’s favorite food combos? 

6 comments to Food Fun: Mixing

  • Didn’t Rutabaga sing Mambo Number 5? Good job avoiding orange too!

  • You are GOOD! I’m too lazy to concoct anything that cool.

    • I didn’t come up with it, I stole the idea :)
      Mixing recipes are def way more of a time suck though, compared to just steaming up some mangoes or whatever. Ideally, I want to have all the single ingredients made already, and just mix them in together for meals. But that’d be in a perfect world where I have a few hours to dedicate to making baby food one week.

  • cookiesforbfast

    I love this! I’ve been getting very bored with one-vegetable/fruit-meals, so we tried “Thanksgiving Dinner” yesterday (pumpkin and turkey). Wow – wait til the Benjamin Eats photos on that. Hilar.

    We have the same orange problem too. He’s never had anything green. I made peas yesterday, but he hasn’t tried them yet. I freaking hate peas, so I don’t imagine he will like them (let’s be honest, peas taste like shit), but I’m keeping them unmixed (with something better-tasting) for at least the first time so I can get some funny pictures :)

    Totally need to try this apple rutabaga spinach combination ASAP! The combinations that are in the pouches are unusual. I want to know where these companies find all the purple carrots hahaha :)

    • OMG purple carrots! I feed that one to V and EVERY FRICKIN TIME I say to Eli, “Where do they get purple carrots?! Are they like carnations, where you just submerge them in food coloring and they change colors?” Don’t lie to me, Plum Organics bastards, how come I’ve NEVER heard of said purple carrots before? In. My Life. I can’t do the meat mixtures, they made me dry vom. Mix pears with peas, it’s the only way V will eat them.

  • sheena

    You know how cheap I am! But after going through ever brand and flavor of everything in a pouch, my kid sucks down the Gerber organic ones (apples and peach and one that is like peach and strawberries or.something) which I get at Target. Last round was with a coupon, making them about a buck each. I would prefer she ate real food, but sometimes captain impossible is well….impossible. she needs that fiber! So I tell her its a drink. She likes to squeeze it herself and “drink” from the little tube. I keep the refrigerated, so they are like a smoothie. Plus, they are super awesome for the road when its not a good time to pull over for lunch. But then again, she doesn’t eat them as a meal. When she was, I thickened everything up with rice cereal, so she got full faster and stayed full longer.