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A Real Life “Lovey”

I have to start with this thought: what is with the universal baby talk names for things? Binkies (pacifier) ba-ba (bottle) and now I keep seeing this one, lovey, which apparently means a stuffed animal, or toy, or security blanket that the baby will claim as “theirs.” I had a blanket and a teddy bear, so that would now be called my “lovey.” I think these terms are annoying, and I refuse to use any of these three words out of principle alone. Except in this post where I will say the word “lovey” at least 10 times. 

Anywho, I’ll now step off my soap box. We have been trying for the past week to start integrating Vivien into sleeping in her own bedroom/crib, rather than in the pack and play alongside our bed, or in the bed with us, as she has been doing often for the past 2 months. She has never slept in her own bedroom before this week, so it’s been a major endeavor for us me.  It’s been fairly successful, and she’s only really woken up once a night on average.

The book I’ve been reading regarding successful sleep patterns for a baby informs me that sometimes, babies will claim a toy as their bedtime/sleep toy. I’ve worked my way through all of her current toys/security blankets, and while some are okay, she’s never really had a strong preference for one individual toy around sleeping time. (Her monkey is the closest we’ve gotten, but that’s a hit or a miss.)

There is one thing though that is an instant soother. Her favorite “lovey” of sorts:

In case you didn’t get this, I am trying to say “boob” with a picture. Using google images for “boob” probably wasn’t the smartest idea I’ve ever had. Also, I think these beenies are, for reals, super funny.

All I have to do is lay down next to Vivien, and she’ll bury her head in my chest and “lovey” herself to sleep, just because of the boobs. She’s not even eating, just being close to my chest while laying on the bed together is a guaranteed way to put her right to sleep.

So next time when I’m at the store contemplating if I should get her a security blanket with another character’s head perched on top like this:

Picture Via

Maybe I should stop and think about something a bit more practical and close to home. However, I may get some weird looks if people would observe my daughter cuddled up next to this in her crib:

Image Via

Once again, google image mistake. After weeding through hundreds of gross looking pictures, I thought, “Maybe etsy will have SOMETHING other than a picture that is sure to offend my mother?” Bam! Crochet boob pillow! HYSTERICAL.  And the picture is priceless too. Doesn’t everyone have a crochet boob pillow perched up on their keyboard? Somehow, pictures and images of boobies are less offensive and way more funny to me if they are crafted out of yarn. 

Does your baby sleep with any particular toy? Blanket? At what age did they discover this bond? Does anyone want to donate $59.99 (plus shipping) to me so I can buy a crochet boob pillow? Yes? No? :) Happy Saturday!

6 comments to A Real Life “Lovey”

  • Allison Cothen

    Logan’s favorite toy or “lovey” as you used, is a Scentsy buddy. They are so soft and take a scent pack. There are numerous soothing scents you can use to help have their room smell better and also help them connect the scent to soothing sleepy time. He has the lamb and the scent pack I use is pima cotton which smells like clean laundry. There is also bedtime nursery which smells like a mix of baby powder and a clean nursery, or french lavender like they use in bedtime bath by J&J. This is the only thing I have found him to really connect with. He grabs it, snuggles it to his face, takes a big inhale, and prepares for nap time or bed time. Might be something worth looking into. They have many different stuffies. They have a frog, lamb, elephant, lion, dog, cat, pig, duck, and a monkey. Good luck! PS these scent packs that go inside the buddies last forever. Logan has had his inside his lamb for over 6 months now and it is still going strong. The packs also work well in dresser drawers. ;)

  • Love that boob pillow! LoL! I was an attachment parent before their was a name for it and I was my kids’ lovey! they never had a blankey or stuffed animal that they just had to have for comfort-they had me!!

  • What the weird?? That’s quite the piece of art, haha.

    New follower (Bloglovin’) via the Monday Meet-up! I would just love a follow back. :)

  • The crochet boob pillow is awesome!

    My son never took to a lovey. Well, he had a mad crush on a toothbrush for a few months, but that’s not the kind of thing you can let a six month old sleep with.

  • BWA HA HA HA HA! That is the coolest pillow EVER! Landon too is a boobie baby. Loves him some boob. With Leila, she latched onto this stupid purple blanket/bear head “lovey” around 8-10 months old. Still takes that thing everywhere with her (we have 3 of them, just in case). I bought Landon the cutest monster one on etsy and I’m trying to get him attached to it. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Michele

    Do you ever worry that your baby might be a teenage boy trapped in a baby’s body?? heeheehee