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Sunday Social (6)

Yayyyyyyy!!! A topic I loooove! Handbags!
Sunday Social

Favorite handbag you’ve ever owned: I’m taking you way back, people. Wayyy back. to the year 2003. I was 19 years old, and broke as a joke. Like, eating ramen noodles every single day and writing checks at Walmart for a pack of gum so that I could write it for $20 over and HOPE that the check wouldn’t “clear” until payday a few days later. That year, I got something for Christmas from my Dad and Stepmom- my very first ever designer purse. I felt like such a g-unit walking around 29 Palms, CA. with a Dooney purse. Looking at it now, it totally screams, “I’m 19!”….and that’s honestly what makes it so freakin’ rad.
I also really love my Coach diaper bag. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it:
Dream handbag you lust over: I have a secret dream to one day own a Burberry bag. Something classic, that won’t ever go out of style.
I have also been drooling over this Coach bag forever now.
And this one is so versatile with the bright summer colors (Coach Poppy Collection):
Daily essentials in your purse or work bag: Uhm, ok. Lazy Mommy confession. I don’t carry a purse anymore, because I throw my wallet/cell/makeup travel bag in my diaper bag. *gasp* I’m so lame. So unless you want to hear me rattle off materials needed to clean up either pee, poo, drool, or puke, I’ll just skip right along, eh?
What’s in your purse(with pictures): I’m going to start by giving some props. I won a blog give-away back in the spring for an AmyKathryn store credit. I used it to buy this bag:
I absolutely ADORE this bag. First off, I use it as a diaper bag, and it fits so much stuff. I have a fab Coach diaper bag as well (it’s black and grey, so it’s retired until fall) and I can fit way more stuff into the AmyKathryn. And her cruelty-free faux-leather is super soft. I’ve carried it every single day since March, and it still looks brand new. I can’t wait until her fall line comes out. I loooooooove her stuff.
Now, what’s IN the bag.
  • Diapers
  • Changing pad/wipes
  • Wet-bag for dirty diapers
  • Toys
  • Bib/spoon
  • Coach travel makeup bag.
  • Wallet
  • Cell
  • Hat for Vivien
  • LIVESTRONG Sunscreen
  • The most amazing chapstick ever- (they have free shipping with no minimum dollar requirement. Seriously, try this stuff. It makes EOS feel like crap.)
  • Appx. 6 different pacifiers

Handy pockets up front where I always put my cell phone, so I don’t have to dig through the giant diaper bag while the Sex and the City theme song plays inappropriately as my ring tone.

10 comments to Sunday Social (6)

  • So, I have no babies, no plans for babies for at least a few years and I totally want one of those Coach diaper bags. Love them! Super cute.

    • If you go to the Coach store and don’t have a baby strapped to your chest like I did, they will try to sell it to you as a “laptop bag.” My friend asked what the deal was in the “laptop bag” with the obvious diaper changing pad, and they said it was for padding for your laptop. Hahaha. Soooooo….it has duel purposes, I suppose? :)

  • I love the Burberry bag too! Plaid + classic = perfect :)

  • awww I love the coach diaper bag! I actually have it for when I was in college. It was called the multi-function tote and it totally tricked me that it was a diaper bag, i didn’t know!! I just loved all the pockets inside!!
    Have a great Sunday!

  • I have that D&B handbag! Love it! Mine is white though. I also have a Coach diaper bag, and I was just thinking I need to stop carrying a handbag and just tthrow my stuff in the diaper bag!

  • The Dooney was my first bag too! I had the pink one :) I’m pining for a Burberry as well haha…a girl can dream! Love the Coach bags!

  • Love your cute diaper bag! Thanks for linking up!

  • cookiesforbfast

    That’s awesome – I remember that Dooney pattern and wanting it desperately. I think Lindsay Lohan did their ad campaign for it.

    Soul sisters reason #1928: Coach diaper bags. Enough said :) Dying for that last Coach Poppy bag picture.

    And holy bananas, now I am REALLY sad I didn’t win that AmyKathryn bag because I’m IN LOVE. That looks amazing.

    • Yes, it is. I love it. It’s getting a little crammed though with cloth diapers. I just put a thirsties cover in there and like 3 prefolds. I figure that’s good. :)

  • OMG Super love those bags. I can’t bring myself to spend realy money on a real bag these days. Not that I wouldn’t, it seemed so much more worth it when it was my mom’s money…lol. What’s that? The purse is the same amount that could feed a starving child in zimbabwe for 3 years, send them to school AND fix their cleft lip? Does the purse come in pink?