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Sunday Social (7)

Hellooooooo loooovah (said in my very best Carrie Bradshaw voice)
It’s that time again! Time for another Sunday Social link up! This link up ROCKS because all I have to do is answer questions. Considering I get most of my blogging done after midnight, well, I love that.

Sunday Social

1. What is your dream job? Oh man. I would love to be a Physician’s Assistant. However, I despise school…so that will never, ever happen.
2. If you had just won the lottery and didn’t need to work for money, what would you do with your time? Well, I currently don’t work “for money” right now, so I’m sure my husband would do a freakin’ back-flip if I brought in any form of money. I’ve been a stay at home mom since April of this year, and it’s been great. I chase around hang out with my kid all day long. We just moved into our house earlier this month, so I’ve been unpacking and getting settled lately. I also just started the C25K program. I figure the more I put that out there, the more motivated I’ll be to keep it up, right?
3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. Come on, man! Every kid that watched Free Willy in the 90′s wanted to be a Marine Biologist. My dreams were crushed when I actually took biology and found out that it didn’t involve killer whales or doing tricks like I saw at Sea World. And then I got a “C” in biology.
4. What piece career advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field? Ok, so before I became a SAHM, I was/am an Aquatics Professional. Basically, I ran pools, managed the lifeguards & swim instructors & water exercise instructors, budget, programming, and working front line (lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons) myself when I was understaffed. So, I would tell them that managing a staff of 30 high school and college aged kids is completely different than anything they may have managed in the past. Then I would tell them to get a good texting plan, because they were constantly texting me.
I love when I get the chance to go back to my roots and teach swim lessons. I’ve been doing it now going on 15 years. Don’t laugh at my goofy hat, the funnier the better working with 4 year olds! *Pic circa 2008*
5. Biggest Pet Peeves either in life or in blogging or at work: Sometimes I feel like the blogging community has cliques. I know that’s totally normal and will happen in any sort of community though. But I am super hard on myself, so when people don’t acknowledge me, I get butt-hurt.
6.  Biggest Fears: Like, in general? I hate spiders. HAAAATE. I also always have dreams that my teeth fall out, or go missing. Seriously, I wake up all freaked out and always check to see if my teeth are still there. What in the world does that mean?
Thanks for stopping by, everyone! Leave me a comment with your blog on it so I can swing by and say hi to you! :)
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18 comments to Sunday Social (7)

  • I get butt-hurt too when I feel like I’m not being accepted in one of those cliques. You’re not alone <3

    Good luck with Couch to 5k!! I'm on week three!! :)

  • I am with you on the spiders! And, I used to have nightmares several times a week about my teeth falling out. That is just the creepiest thing!! I think it means something, but can’t remember what is was…..whatever it means…still worst dreams ever!

  • tenneseehoney

    I agree with you on the “blog clique” thing. Kinda annoying but, there will always be “someone better” everywhere ya go, right? lol:)

  • I love your blog, love! And I agree about the blogger cliques. As much as I do want to admit it, I feel the same way sometimes!! So glad you linked up for Sunday Social – loved your answers!

    Check out my Sunday Social here!

    Keep Shining,

  • I am with you on the blogging thing. I feel pretty ignored also. I dont know how to get out there I guess and make “friends”. I see so many bloggers talking about their online friends. Where are mine? I have no idea what ads are such as ad swapping or the sponser thing or anything. I am just lost and blog about my life and follow other blogs I like to read. That is all I know what to do.

  • Agree on the blogger cliques. Lots of bloggers only comment on their friends posts, don’t respond to comments left on their page etc. However, I have met some really nice bloggers who have helped and given me advice.

  • I don’t like the blogging cliques. Yes you’re really good friends with them but there’s other girls out there too that you should get to know them or atleast respond to their comments.

  • What a cool job you do and did have :) I would love to spend my day near/in water. I too despise school. I hate homework!

  • My ex boyfriend Matt is going to school to be a Marine Biologist :) I think it’s really cool that you teach swimming and instruct! My (also now ex but he’s still my best friend)boyfriend Noel was a swimmer throughout high school, so I’ve definitely come to appreciate it as a sport. & I feel you on the blogging thing, but I try not to let it get to me too much. People can be full of themselves — but I guess that’s how they got where they are, LOL! Everyone loves a sassypants.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Elise @

  • Bloggers do have their little cliques, it’s hard to break into them! I’ve been a SAHM for the last 17 months & it’s been amazing! I mean I feel like I’m constantly cleaning something & most of the times it’s something I’ve already cleaned BUT I LOVE it!

  • I so wanted to be a marine biologist too. And I also get surt when I try to inter act with other bloggers on twitter and they don’t reply….hmm.
    Guess we can talk to each other.

  • As a kid I wanted to be a banker. Handle money, learn about investments and loans. That’s exactly what I’m doing too! I know, I was a bizarre kid.

  • I am hard on myself too when bloggers get cliquey and since I am new to blogging I sometimes feel like I don’t have a place but then I just decided that I was gonna blog for myself and if other people wanted to read it they would.

    Your blog is super cute, I am a first time reader and really enjoyed your answers!

    Brittany Michelle

  • melissavenable

    Ha! Your first answer made me like you instantly. I despise school, too. I talk about how i wish i was a teacher & people say i should go back to school. Um, no. Not gonna happen.

    • Seriously! You know those people that have like, a strong urge to go back to school? Yep, not me. I despised every single second. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy? Or because I already know everything? :)

  • I would love to be a stay at home mom verses a nurse! How nice that would be! A marine bio sounds fun! I would be scared of some animals though like sharks eek! But free willy awe too cute, I have not seen those shows in years! They use to always be so good growing up :) & spiders, I am 100 percent with you! I hate those creepy crawly things :(

  • So glad you mentioned blogging cliques…. I get butt hurt sometimes too “/ Then I try and remember that the internet is a HUGE place and that someone out there is bound to a)respond and b) enjoy what I have to say in my litter corner of the internets! Loved your list, best of luck settling in your new home.

  • cookiesforbfast

    I’m late to this party, but you look gorg in those pictures!!!! Love it! :)