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Review: Lollacup

Is anyone else out there a total nerd like me, and watch the show “Shark Tank,” where small businesses pitch their inventions to a group of willionaire investors and ask them to buy into the idea? Well, Eli and I are addicted to that show.

On the show was this lovely couple from Southern California that developed a product that, as a Mom and consumer, I now stand behind 100%.

The backstory is, I started Vivien on Playtex straw-type cups when she was around 9 months old. She hated all sippy cups, so straw cups were the things that we bought. However, all of the straws have this dumb valve thing that make it really hard to drink from- and doesn’t really imitate drinking from a real straw. (Since she’s “used to” drinking from a straw, we would give her sips of water at a restaurant and she would always have a hard time.)

Here’s what I LOVED about Lollacup from the get-go of watching Shark Tank:

  • It’s a husband and wife team that developed it.
  • It’s AMERICAN MADE (even the packaging is done in Southern California.) I cannot stress how awesome that is, because we all know that China has a sketchy history of safety standards.
  • It’s BPA free and phthalate free.

Something else that is cool is that it comes with a straw cleaning brush. And the best part in my book? There’s no stupid valve that makes it hard to drink from! Also, the straw has a weighted end, and even if the cup is tipped on its side, you can still drink from it. Awesome idea!

Oh yeah, and they are super cute, too!

It’s important for me to say though, that because there is no valve to make it one way, the cup will leak if turned upside down. Not a ton, but just keep that in mind. (It will run out the straw. However, just playful shaking or whatnot doesn’t cause leaking. I had to put some effort into getting it to leak.)

Vivien loved it. She didn’t get frustrated as much as she did with her playtex cups. The handles are removable, so this is really a cup that can grow with her.

Please know, I wasn’t compensated or prompted to write this post at all. I am simply spreading the word about a great quality product with amazing standards and morals. While they were on Shark Tank, they turned down money, because the investor wanted them to ship their production to China. 


If you’d like to watch the episode of Shark Tank, and see the founders, click here.

I have yet to see Lollacup in any stores, so to purchase one, click here.

Vivien is drinking her very favorite juice (Apricot/mango, though I do water it down considerably, like 80% water 20% juice)

Also, speaking of reviews that are amazing, my bloggy friend Elena is having a review and give-away of an amazing carseat, and as much as I am dying to win it, I thought I’d pass along the info for that. Click here.

Question: Would you invest your money, as a parent and consumer, in a company if you felt that it upheld great standards for safety and quality? 

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