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Mommy Confessions: Karma is a B…

Hello everyone! 
Am I alone here when I say that sometimes, I really love talking on the phone? It depends on the person, honestly, but when I am “free,” (aka: no unhappy baby to attend to) it’s one of my favorite pass-times.
My new phone, isn’t she gorg?
Flash back a few years: 
I had a few friends that had children a while ago. It seems like every time we would speak on the phone, our convos would sound like this:
Them: “So what’s up?”
Me: “Oh, nothing, planning my wedding stuff. I think I narrowed down the bridesmai…
Them: “Joe*!!!! Don’t stick that lego up your nose!!!!!!!…..”If you do it again, you’re going to sit in timeout!”…..”3…..2…..THAT’S IT! Timeout!”……
Me: “Uh, do you just want me to let you go?”
Them: “No, sorry. He’s in timeout. You were talking about the bridesmaid dresses?”
Me: “Yeah, super pretty…they are champagne colored, with bla…
Them: “Joe*!!!! Get in your room! I said you’re in timeout!!!!! Ok sorry.”
Me: “Ok, so, black overlay. Kind of vintage. Oh! Did I tell you the latest gossip…”
Them: “$%&# GET IN YOUR ROOM, JOE*!”
*Disclaimer: The name “Joe” isn’t real. Children’s names have been changed because I’m not a total jerk*
I used to hate talking on the phone with some people, because of this. It annoyed me, and I swore up and down that when I was a mom, I would teach my child about telephone manners, and they would sit quietly, and bat their eyelashes adoringly at me, whilst I was on the phone with girlfriends.

Flash forward to real time: The other day I was attempting to have a telephone conversation with someone, while Vivien was awake.  Since putting up my Christmas tree, she loves to be in the formal living room, and “playing” with the tree (I’m a mean Mommy, and I don’t let her touch anything, because I am now 100% freaked out after reading that there is massive amounts of lead used in Christmas lights.) When I gently remove her from the room with the big, lit up, sparkling temptation, she throws a fit. We’re talking head back, arched back, red-faced, kicking and screaming fit. She happened to want to go play with the tree while I was talking on the phone, and karma gave me a swift kick in the butt.

I became “that Mom.” You know, the, “Hang on….VIVIEN, I SAID NO!” phone talking kind of Mom. 

Really, I think I deserve it, at this point. I hung up thinking, “Wow, I probably won’t talk to that friend again until she becomes pregnant.”

Please tell me I’m not the only pre-kid trash talker that got a karma beat down, after becoming a Mom?

Welcome to another week of Mommy Confessions! 
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10 comments to Mommy Confessions: Karma is a B…

  • LMAO I don’t think it ever bothered me because if I’m on the phone, I really have nothing interesting to say. Good stuff I tend to leave in text. haha I end up being the person that hears the kid and want to know all about what is happening and what the kid is saying. I think they are so funny. She’ll get better though. It’s hard to reason with a 1 year old about “phone time.” :-)

  • Love your confession lol because I was the exact same way pre-baby! I’m pretty new to the blogging world, so I can’t promise I know exactly what I’m doing, but I’m going to try and link up with y’all on mommy confessions. If you get a minute to swing by my site and make sure I did it correctly, I would totally appreciate it!

  • Can’t seem to copy and paste the mommy confessions link, so I don’t know how to do it! Sometimes it stinks being so clueless with technology! Anyways, love the idea! Maybe I’ll figure it out someday :)

  • This is why I do not talk on the phone….my friends know to just text me. Because I refuse to spend 30mins telling Boomer ‘Stop, No, Don’t Quit….’.
    It annoys my mother, but she is finally on board with texting too. Otherwise I just hand the phone off to Boomer….the funny thing is….I’m 27 and I still have some phone behavior when my OWN mother is on the phoen.

  • It’s apart of it. My best friend and I have boys 6 months apart so it’s back and forth with us. What’s crazy we always remember what we were talking about hahaha.

  • Haha I felt like this was written just for me. Like, Andrea, karma is coming for you.

  • Lol, I just avoid this situation altogether by not talking on the phone :) And if I do have to, I’m just talking to my husband or my mom so I don’t feel too bad when it happens (and it always does, always–I feel your pain).

  • Oh man I have so been there, once I can remember when A was about 5 months I had to talk to the internet company…poor woman – it was awful!

  • cookiesforbfast

    Hahaha yes, you are alone, loving talking on the phone. I loathe talking on the phone. Don’t even get me started on voicemail.

    But holy mother moly, I know EXACTLY what you mean about these convos and they used to drive me bananas. Actually, they still do, except it’s usually other people doing it with MY kid! (Me: “Mom – yesterday I went to the store blah blah blah,” Mom, “Yup. BENJAMIN YAY! OLD MAC DONALD HAD A FARM!” Me: “Um, still talking mom.” Mom, “I’m listening. AND ON THAT FARM HE HAD A COW. EIEIO.”) WTF. Me saying, “Just ignore him” is pretty shitty, but can we please finish a GD adult conversation, as long as he’s not crying or playing with knives?

    Did you follow any of that paragraph? I know what I’m saying, but it’s late and it may make zero sense. In short, I UNDERSTAND! :)