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Mommy Confessions: It’s like taking candy from a baby

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Tuesday, another confession. I hope everyone had a great long weekend (if you got one, there was no long weekend in the B.B. household) and a special Valentine’s Day. I was personally surprised by my guy ordering this for me:

What a nice guy!

The day after that, Vivien and I went to playgroup at an indoor play area in Parker, Colorado called Monkey Bizness. She had a ton of fun playing, and then we all went back into a classroom to do a Valentine exchange.

I had spent about an hour the night before making creative Valentines to pass out to all her friends. When we got there, we all decorated a bag, and went on exchanging. Vivien ate the corners off a couple of her paper Valentines. Good fun.


I kept something from my darling girl:

That’s right, everyone. We went home, and she promptly took a nap while I busted open her candy loot from the exchange. I didn’t even give her a little bit.

Nope, none. All. For. Me.

I mean, what the heck is my 16 month old going to do with a ring pop?! Nothing. Because I ate it in a hot second. We’ll never know if she likes ring pops. Why? Because they are sticky. Sticky fingers makes me cringe.

And I ate it all.

That’s right, everyone. I took candy from a baby; a cute baby, at that.

What of it?

Remember that one time I was in active labor for 40 hours, that ended with surgery? Me too. Bring on the ring pops. And Skittles.

How long do you think I can get away with stealing my kid’s candy? What’s the “shelf life” in using the labor excuse? 18 years? I think so too. 


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