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A fashionista, I am not.

I have mentioned in passing that I will be attending a wedding in April. The trip to San Diego (from Palm Springs) for the wedding will be my first ever solo-trip without Vivien. To say that I am equal parts excited and nervous would be completely accurate.

However, I have found myself at a loss on wedding fashion. Mostly regarding accessories. I found the dress already and love it, and fell in love with a pair of shoes perfect for Spring, but struggle breaking out of my matchy-matchy ways. As Clinton and Stacey say, they don’t have to match, they have to go.

Which earrning?


It’s also important to know that these are the shoes I fell in love with:

So, based on that, which of those three earrings would you choose? The emerald and blue ones are my favorite in general, but I’m thinking the pink would look the best.

Let me know your opinion in the comments- I’d love to know!

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