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Mommy Confessions: Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This…

Now that that horribly addicting song is stuck in your head, I welcome you to another week of Mommy Confessions with us.

My title holds true, though. Yesterday (evening, to be exact) was “one of those days.” Maybe you know the kind? The kind of days that you end by holding a giant glass of wine, with grandeur plans involving crying into the shower later that night before dragging your tired old bones to bed sometime around 10pm.

The kind of day that you feel like you need to check your “Mom Card” at the door.

Such an innocent face. 

I’m going to break it down for you. It all started with a trip to Sam’s Club. Now friends, I hate stores like Sam’s. I know that you’re getting a good deal, and the cheap person who lives inside me should love that. But instead, it gives me minor heart palpitations to spend $25 on a gigantic thing of clothes soap. I know I won’t need to buy anymore for a while, but I hate the initial investment.

But I digress.

We caved and bought a membership to Sam’s Club. Vivien and I took off through the isles, and the weird whining sound started. If I could describe it to you, I would. It’s like a yodel, but way more annoying. Then the whining got louder, and louder. Finally, I took her out of the cart.

And, she had peed through her cloth diaper. Her entire backside was wet. She stunk of pee. It’s 17 degrees outside, and now she has to also be in pee-soaked skinny jeans.


Eli went and changed her, and that’s when the tantrums started. Red faced, snot nosed, tantrums.

I get flustered when she turns into crazy toddler in public. She ended up screaming the entire check-out duration, along with the way back to the car.

Then we get home. The dogs are upstairs in their crates, and start yapping the second the garage door goes up, so it sounds like a dog-kennel up in this hiz-ouse. I go over to use the restroom and Vivien barges in (her latest and greatest trick) so now the door is hanging open, and I hear all the shenanigans starting to happen around the corner.

I hear a little splash, and know she’s playing in the dog’s water bowl. Then, I hear a giant splash, and “Uh oh!”

This is her “Uh Oh” face. But not from last night, mind you, because I was still on the toilet.

Then I hear lots, and lots of splashing, and water spilling on the floor. She is standing up, with the giant bowl turned upside down, dumping the entire contents on to the floor. It’s one of those re-fillable bowls, so it’s a lot of water. 

I yell from the bathroom, “Vivien, no!” and she get’s scared and starts screaming and running toward me, still holding the upside down water gushing out bowl. Then she slips and falls backward, landing in a puddle of water, and screams louder.

I finish up and run to grab a dish towel, and a glass falls into my (ceramic) sink and breaks into a million small places.

I felt like I was living in a comic strip. Except I wasn’t laughing. Maybe more like a graphic novel.

Who knows.

All I know is that there was an early bedtime for one little toddler tonight and this Momma is treating herself to one (or 4) chocolate covered strawberries.

Have you ever had a day where it feels like everything hits the fan at the same time? 


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8 comments to Mommy Confessions: Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This…

  • I really feel like I should apologize for how much I really enjoyed reading this. Those are the moments you remind your child of later. Like how my mom reminds me of when I started crying in the mall at Christmas and my temper tantrum was so bad that I threw up everywhere.
    Andrea recently posted…Mommy Confessions Link Up: Like Mother…My Profile

  • And that is what I’m NOT looking forward to. I just hope my kid is like me and never has one of those days. My mom said if I was upset, I would excuse myself and go to my room until I felt better. That is exactly what I expect of Emi. Doubt I’ll be so lucky. lol My parents had it good! ;-)

  • oh my goshhhh it always happens at once…and when you need it to the least. Like, no, there is never a time when you’re like “I wish Vivien would dump all of the water on the floor” but had it happened following a tickle fest rather than a public meltdown, it may have not felt so bad…”this too shall pass…and then you’ll miss it” these words get me through many a day!
    noel recently posted…MC- Thumb Sucking and Mommy FailMy Profile

  • My Lord. i’m glad I’m not the only one who has these days!

  • oh goodness girl i’ve had so many days like this! like today when M through a full on exorcist tantrum at the social security office today she was mad because she wanted to LEAVE with a stranger. Everyone in that place was staring at me and her mortified at least I don’t have to see any of those people again (I hope).
    Dani recently posted…Mommy confessions: I often feel smotheredMy Profile

  • HA HA HA! Sounds like I could have written this myself! Lil stinker. Landon, too plays in the dog food/water. Fun times. He also knows how to open doors now and barges into the bathroom ALL THE TIME. Even on guests. Ha!

  • Hahahaha I’m sorry but I laughed through this entire post – in empathy, of course – because it’s like a page out of my life! And her faces are so freaking cute, I can picture her doing that while doing anything mischievous, and just melting! Gah. Crazy kids. Good thing they’re cute, I tell you. Probably the best part about Cooper staying with the breeder is that I don’t have to constantly worry about Ben running for the food/water bowls.
    cookiesforbfast recently posted…Mommy Confessions: I Say Yes When No One Is LookingMy Profile

  • That’s about right… It never fails that everything goes wrong ALL.AT.ONCE. I have had it happen to me with my two little bamboozles one a many of times while trying to head out the door to head somewhere (always seems to happen when we’re on a time schedule, heading to an appt. or such)… Ughhh. Hang in there – nothing wrong with early bedtimes and chocolate covered strawberries to get you through! :)
    Amber recently posted…A Recipe: Stuffed Pepper CasseroleMy Profile