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B.B. 2.0 Bump Update {Week 9}

Baby is the size of a: Green Olive


  • Morning Sickness: Yes, writing that I feel “great” may have not been the best move, in retrospect. I had a few rough days this past week. Luckily, the doctor had prescribed me an anti-nausea pill called zofran, and that has really seemed to help. I take it as a “last resort,” and it’s been great.
  • Exhaustion: Still tired. Still napping occasionally. Going to bed early every night, which is a good thing for me to do anyway.
  • Loss of appetite: Ha. This one has been nice. I’m just not hungry, really. I snack often throughout the day, and drink a ton of water, and poweraid.

Highlights of the week:

  • We had a busy weekend, and celebrated Eli’s birthday with friends on Saturday, and family on Sunday.
  • We had a lovely weekend, and it’s not slotted to snow in the near future. Yayyy!! Lots of thunderstorms, but we’ll take that over snow any day!
  • My tulips came up! I know this sounds dumb, but I am so excited about these tulips! They were special ordered from our trip to Holland (Michigan) last summer, and I strangely feel like it’s a bit of “home” in my yard!

  • I feel like my stomach popped out this week, and I actually look pregnant.
  • I think Eli finally settled on his boy name option (and for those curious ones, it is not Jebediah like previously threatened suggested before.)


Unknown, but I am honestly on the fence about it. I still think it’s a boy, but also wouldn’t be shocked if they say girl.

Maternity Stuff:

I had to bust out my old maternity jeans finally. Wearing the button kind just didn’t sit well on my stomach. However, the maternity jeans I have also aren’t very comfortable, because the stupid waistband part keeps sliding down because my stomach doesn’t hold it up yet. Maybe I should just give up on the whole blue jeans option, and find some nice gaucho pants. ;-)

Next Appointment:

May 23rd, for the “first trimester ultrasound and screening.” If anyone wants to shed some light as to what this is, it’d be appreciated, as I don’t believe I had that series of tests with Vivien.

Age of older sister:

18 months! They will be roughly 25 months apart when cheeto is born.


My first belly-shot with Vivien wasn’t until around 13 weeks. I’ll stick with that tradition. ;-)



3 comments to B.B. 2.0 Bump Update {Week 9}

  • The tulips are lovely and so is Cheeto! We almost name Jeremiah-Jedidiah. So glad we didn’t now!

  • Amanda Neill

    the first trimester screening is just a bunch of blood draw to check for aids, STDs, and a couple more vials that i didn’t pay attention too. the ultra sound is just to confirm how old Cheeto is and give you the first picture. or so that’s what my first baby appointment was and they told me to be ready to give up some blood to be screened.

  • The 1st tri is one blood draw and then another before 15 weeks. Checks for 3 of the major genetic markers for any genetic disorders. The ultrasound was a typical one, and they do head measurements and try to measure the space behind the neck of baby to check for down’s syndrome.
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