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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend seemed to fly by, for some reason. On Saturday, I had a much needed hair appointment, where I proceeded to chop off about 4 inches, and give myself a sweet Mom-haircut that is much easier to maintain, and will also force me into not wearing a ponytail 99% of the time.

On Sunday, Eli went up to his parent’s house and labored away replacing a ceiling fan, and I stayed home and organized some places that desperately needed it, such as hidden cabinets and my tiny section of baby gear that was overtaking the garage. Eli was also able to locate some fun items while he was home, such as his family’s cradle that his Grandpa made for the grandkids. The cradle will go in William’s bedroom and serve as a place for him to occasionally nap (?) up there, since we have the co-sleeper for our bedroom. Vivien is still using the crib, and I am honestly in no rush to move her out of it at this point, so the cradle will be the decorative (and also useful) bed in his nursery until we can move the crib in once he starts sleeping on his own in his room. (Vivien was around 8 months when we finally moved her. I’m all about not rushing it. If he starts earlier, we will put the pack and play in his room, instead.)

On Monday, we headed out to Build A Bear. I knew that I wanted to do a “sibling gift” for both Vivien and William. I really feel that they make the first born feel more involved with welcoming a new sibling, and also feel loved and special when they receive a gift at the hospital from their new sibling. In stealing the idea from a friend of mine, I decided that Build A Bear was going to be the gift that Vivien would “make” for William. In return, we will be taking his monthly photos with his “Brother Bear,” as well.

The lighting inside the store was awful (as was the overuse of bright primary colors) but I think I got some cute ones, regardless. She actually picked out which bear she wanted to make for him (after I put away the hot pink Care Bear about 10 times) and ran up to the blue teddy bear and gave it hugs and kisses.

We chose to put a voice recorder inside the bear, and recorded the sound bit of Vivien blowing William kisses “Mmmwwah!” The we stuffed the bear, created a birth certificate for him, and got him some sweet Sailor duds to match the nursery.

All in all, it was an eventful day Labor Day, hopefully stuffed full of memories that both kids will grow up with and appreciate.

Speaking of making memories- I will have a giveaway tomorrow that we are all super excited about! Stay tuned!

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