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Cupcake in an Ice Cream Cone {Recipe}

I made these bad boys on Friday, and immediately got asked about 100 times how it works. It’s such a cute idea, I thought I’d pass it along, for all of you that cringe at the thought of tediously preparing the latest birthday fad: cake pops.

Let me start by saying this one true statement; I messed them up. Bam. Food blogger fail. Good thing I’m not a food blogger, I’m just a mom that likes to take risks. I’ll cover what exactly I did wrong in a second, but here are the final results.

The recipe is simple, because you seriously do nothing different with preparation. I bought a cake mix and prepared it according to box directions. (In my defense, it was the most complex store-bought mix ever, which included actually making the frosting that was included in the box. I yearned for a good “open the container of frosting” moment, and instead spent 8 minutes whipping butter and frosting mix until it was “fluffy. Next time I vow to use Funfetti.)

I lined the cupcake tins with cupcake paper, and placed the flat-bottomed ice cream cones facing up in them. I then filled the cones to the line pictured.

Here’s a free tip from me to you- don’t fill them that full. Do you see the top two rows? Fill them that full. Seriously, like half way. I literally had like, 4 of them that didn’t overflow all over the sides of the cones. I mean, they were still delicious, just not very pretty. Ya dig?

Then, bake them according to box directions.

-No, the cones won’t burn. I don’t know why, scientifically. They just don’t.

Also, another free tip is if you ever find yourself in a baking situation and you’ve frantically torn your kitchen apart looking for a toothpick to check if a cake is done and still, cannot find a single one: use a wooden skewer. It works. It’s all about survival of the fittest in my kitchen.

Ice the cupcakes as normal, and go to town. Obviously, Vivien loved them:

They were also amazing for toddlers. I don’t know about you, but cupcakes turn into a cake-smash mess around Vivien. I carefully hold them for her while she takes bites, but she just doesn’t grasp the concept of holding food carefully yet.

The cones were like little handles, and it was amazing. So if you’re in the market for a good playgroup treat, look no further friends!

One last thing to mention: this idea was my Moms trick that she always did. Pre-pinterest, people. Apparently, housewives did indeed have creative and functional ideas without an online pin-board. Who knew?! 


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