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Brother Bear: 2 Weeks

I know that I am behind the curve ball here, however, the first two weeks of William’s life were insane. We were learning a completely differently personality, building a relationship, and celebrating a holiday (Thanksgiving).

Two weeks was also the week of the tongue tie. William went back to the doctor for his 2 week check-up, and he hadn’t gained back his birth weight yet. (Vivien took three, almost 4 weeks to regain her birth weight.) The pediatrician and I had the dreaded talk, a talk that I received numerous times during Vivien’s first months of life: she wanted me to begin supplementing with formula. At the appointment, she also noticed that he still appeared jaundiced, so they took a blood sample. It turned out that his levels had gotten worse from the previous week. The doctor and I spoke, and I told her my concerns with introducing formula.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t judge formula feeding parents. I think that everyone should parent any way that they see fit for themselves, and their situation. Personally, I felt that supplementing with formula would hinder a healthy breastfeeding relationship. I also knew that William was constantly nursing and wanting to nurse. I asked the pediatrician for a week to meet with a lactation consultant and try to figure out a game plan. I wanted to know if I simply wasn’t producing enough for him, or he wasn’t latching correctly, etc.

When I went to the LC, he was quickly “diagnosed” with a tongue tie. He was able to take in 2 ounces during that feeding while we were there, however, it took him about two hours non-stop to do so. The LC gave me the contact info for a local dentist that performs the “surgery.” I made an appointment for the next morning.

When we went in, the dentist said his tongue was about 40% tied. It probably wouldn’t impact future speech, or eating, but it is probably hindering his milk intake by at least 40%. We decided to go ahead and snip it. William cried for about 10 seconds, and he handed him back to me to nurse him in the office. The difference was immediate. 

His tongue tie was snipped on a Wednesday. The following Monday we went back to the doctor and William had gained over a pound in a week. The doctor was amazed, and fully supportive of us taking the steps to remedy the problem.

So that was all between week two and week three. See? Busy. I told you. But, I did manage to take a few pictures of him next to his Brother Bear.

Spoiler Alert: I forgot to take them on his one month “birthday.” Mom fail. I did, however, take some about two weeks after that. Wow…How’s that for being up to date?

For those of you that may not remember Vivien’s “Monkey Business” posts, I did them monthly and highlighted all the cool things that happened that month. This will be similar, I promise. Vivien’s posts have already proven so helpful to me to look back on to see where she was during the month, and what her accomplishments were.

  • On December 4th (his two week birthday) William weighed 7lb 13oz and was 21.5″ long
  • His sleep is….not good. He refused to sleep anywhere except for in my arms. He’s slept next to me in bed cuddled up next to me everyday since the day he was born.
  • He is a snuggley kid. Vivien was always content to just observe, and loved her swing. He isn’t a big fan of the swing, and will cry until you pick him up.
  • He is my mini-me. Seriously, he doesn’t look anything like Vivien did as a baby.
  • At two weeks old, he is comfortably wearing 0-3 month clothing. (The outfit Vivien is wearing in her one month post is size newborn.)
  • He wakes up religiously every 2-3 hours to nurse. His “witching hour” has always been between midnight and 3am, and that’s when he wants to be awake and party.
  • He despises being swaddled, and especially laying on his back. *more on that later*
  • He is wearing size newborn diaper, but will switch to size one at exactly one month.

He is keeping with the tradition of crying during his first monthly blog post photo shoot.

To check out Vivien’s 1 month Monkey Business post: click here!

*they don’t match up perfectly, so remember that he was 2 weeks old here, and she was 1 month old.


2 comments to Brother Bear: 2 Weeks

  • We had exactly the same thing done. While at the hospital after Alexis’s birth, a LC stopped by to check in and said that her tongue was tied. I was also curling my toes every time she latched and the LC said it shouldn’t hurt that badly (I had just given birth naturally, I was almost in tears breastfeeding) and checked her mouth and said her tongue was not moving past her gums. We had the “surgery” at the pedi office a few days later and she has been amazing nurser and is such a chub. Glad the LC figured out what was going on!
    Christene // MommaBird recently posted…12 Weeks Old – Sleep UpdateMy Profile

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