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Brother Bear: 6ish Weeks

I missed taking photos and doing photos at one month. Oops. It was also the week of Christmas. So instead, I thought I’d wait until 6ish weeks.

William is 6ish weeks old (7 weeks old on the day this publishes, but, I took the photos and weights at 6ish weeks.) We are learning each other’s routine and personality. He is a Momma’s boy, through and through. While I know it must be hard for Eli, it also kind of warms my heart. Vivien is such a Daddy’s girl. She looks like him, and adores spending all her time with him. This dude? He’s my spitting image, and there’s just no place like Mommy’s arms. He’ll grow up to prefer playing trucks with Daddy, so I’m savoring this time something fierce.

That perfect gummy smile? No one has seen it except me. (And Vivien, who proudly yells, “He’s ‘miling, Mommy!”) Eli didn’t believe me when I would tell him that he smiled at me. Then I laid him down to take these growth pictures, and he turned on the charm. Be still my heart. Eli is still convinced I caught him “mid-fart”…but we all know the truth.

His nursing is going so much better. Though I semi-regularly struggle with plugged ducts and more recently, plugged nipple pores. They are excruciatingly painful. I haven’t been pumping much because I have about 6 bags frozen already for emergencies, but I know that he is eating quite a bit. Still about every 2-3 hours, but he cluster feeds before he finally settles down for the night.

  • He weighs 10 lb 9 oz!
  • He is appx 24″ long according to my wall ruler.
  •  He sleeps pretty well at night in his Rock N Play for about 3-4 hours. Then once he wakes up I bring him into bed with me, and he usually wakes up about every 1.5-2 hours after his long stretch.
  • He is hard to put down for the night. It involves patience (something I struggle with at times, especially after a long day and at midnight) and sometimes strapping him into the Ergo and walking around.
  • I am 99% positive he has acid reflux. He is showing all the tell-tale signs, and spits up constantly. I will be speaking to his doctor about it at his 2 month appointment, because I think he’d be much happier on some medication.
  • He hates the swing, but loves the vibrating chair.
  • He wears size 1 diaper, and size 0-3 month clothing.

William has some hysterical faces, and they are always changing. He is typically very serious. Here’s an example of some of his expressions during a 3 minute photo shoot:

In his two week post, I forgot to mention his big sister. Vivien is:

  • Adjusting well.
  • She refers to him as “Ding Dong.” She has done so since day one. The only logical explanation is that we call belly buttons “Ding Dongs” and for the past 9 months she has been kissing my belly in reference to her brother. So…Ding Dong?
  • She’s a big helper! She goes and gets me diapers, wipes, and will throw away poopy diapers for me. She is also really good at putting Will’s sucky (pacifier) back in his mouth to *momentarily* stop his crying.
  • She also calls his “baby.” More so than Ding Dong. She wakes up saying, “Baby?” then we go find him.
  • She loves announcing when he’s eating by pointing to my boob and loudly saying, “MILK!”

Stay tuned for William’s Two Month Brother Bear post! To see Vivien’s one month post, click here.

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