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Brother Bear: 2 Months

William is Two Months Old!

I can’t believe how quickly time is passing, and that this little nugget is already two months old. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was checking into the hospital to have him. (That could also be because I’m still working on writing his birth story. I would have never thought that writing about a scheduled c-section would take so long.)

I’m going to label this photo shoot as the grumpy one. He had just gotten his first set of shots that morning, (which, let me tell you, taking a moody toddler and an infant to the doctor deserves a freaking medal. It was a nightmare of ugly tears from 2 of us.)

He got diagnosed with infant acid reflux, as well as “colic” at his appointment, so we started him on a daily dosage of infant liquid Zantac, as well as some specialized colic probiotics. The probiotics have really seemed to help him remain regular, and not be so fussy/gassy all the time. The doctor said the zantac typically takes a few weeks to kick in, so we are waiting for that as well. I continue to look for some amount of change, because I really don’t want to continue the medication unless it’s actually doing some good.

William is so-SO serious. His smiles are few and far between, but when they do happen? My heart explodes into a billion pieces. He continues to nurse really well, and my problems with oversupply seem to be dwindling down. We’re both getting used to each other now.

Sleep is rough. Lately, he’s been waking up about every hour and a half to eat. He must be going through a growth spurt, because he isn’t really nursing for comfort as much as straight up hunger. It makes for a very very tired (and grumpy- sorry Daddy!) Mommy pretty much every day. Sometimes he will do one long stretch though of 4-5 hours.

He’s definitely filling out, and looking more and more like a baby, rather than a newborn. He can roll from his tummy to his back, and holds his head up on his own full time now.

Here are some stats as of 1/20:

  • Weighs 11 lb 8 oz. He’s pretty low in percentile for that- around the 25th. (But, it’s a whole pound more than his sister weighed at 2 months old.)
  • The doctor measured him at 23.75″. I measure him taller at home.
  • He is wearing size one diaper, but we will be transitioning to size 2 when this box runs out.
  • I need to dig out the 3-6/6 month clothing already! Most of his 0-3 month stuff is too small, pretty much!
  • He lives in these slippers from Garnet Hill daily. The absolute best slippers on the market. I love them so much, I bought a second pair.
  • He sleeps in his rock-n-play at night time. While he hated it at first, it has quickly turned into my absolute favorite baby item and now he loves it.
  • We love using this Kangaroo Cares skin-t0-skin shirt by Milk & Baby, and he spends most of the day in that, as it’s really the only way I can get things done such as laundry, housework, etc. (To see more photos, check out our post on Daily Mom.)

Vivien Is: 

  • 27 months old!
  • giving me a run for my money, these days. She recently started bailing out of her crib. She also has been a super clutz lately, falling and smacking her head on the bay window sill, tripping when she’s running, etc. I joke with Eli that I’m going to buy her a helmet to sport full time til this nonsense phase is over.
  • talking up a storm! She knows all her letters, and can spell out certain words. She also can count to ten, and sing the words to “Inkle, Inkle!” (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star- her favorite song ever.)
  • Finally refers to Will as either “brooer” (brother) or “Whoa” (Will) though sometimes, “Ding Dong” comes back out to play.
  • loves holding Will, and kissing him smack on the lips making hysterical kissy sounds.
  • obsessed with baby dolls- she usually has one under each arm, and places them in all of Will’s things, such as his carseat, bouncer, high chair seat, etc. It’s funny to me to go get his carseat and move the blanket to find a plastic naked baby perched inside. (She takes all the clothes off her babies.)
  • a parrot, and says the funniest things sometimes.


Just for some fun: Vivien on the left, William on the right. Both 2 months old.

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