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You Can Get Anything Delivered, These Days.

Have I ever told you that I loathe grocery shopping? Well, it’s true. I’ve always hated it, actually, and now adding in dragging along a toddler who loves to swipe things with her sticky fingers, and a colic-prone baby? NO THANK YOU.

You can bet your organic farm that when I heard that grocery stores now offer delivery in select locations, I was all over that. I was even more excited to learn that Walmart was offering this service, because it really fits nicely into my family’s budget.

I’ve recently been dabbling into meal planning, yet again, and found an awesome website (5 Dollar Dinners) that makes a weekly recipe list, and also includes a printable customizable grocery list. I was able to make the grocery list (and not print it) and order directly through the Walmart To Go website in under a half an hour. Let me repeat that: a half an hour.
Know what else is under a half an hour generally? My son’s naps. True story.

I put the toddler to bed, nursed the infant to sleep, hopped online and planned my meals and grocery shopped in a fraction of the time it would normally take me to run to the grocery store. The Walmart To Go website was super-easy to navigate, and I scheduled delivery for the next morning. Shipping is normally $7.95 flat rate, with a $30 minimum order. My weekly grocery bill totalled $85. I can assure you that I haven’t walked out of Safeway for less than $100- ever. I’m the queen of impulse buying, like a fat kid in a candy store grocery store. Ordering my groceries through delivery has not only saved me a ton of time, and effort (and patience) it has saved me money!

The Walmart To Go delivery was amazing. I scheduled myself a 2 hour window, yet the driver called my cell phone to let me know he was on his way, and gave me a 15 minute window to plan. Once he arrived, he introduced himself, and carried my groceries indoors and placed them where I specified (my table.) He was very nice, and personable, and made an effort to get to know me.

All of my items were very fresh (and I checked all expiration dates to ensure that!) and even the organic produce I ordered looked top-notch. I was pleasantly surprised that even more “fragile” items such as tomatoes and strawberries looked beautiful and fresh.

Walmart To Go is expanding across the nation, and I have 7 more email invites available to let you try out the service in your own home, and get free delivery until March 30! Please leave a comment down below if you’re interested.




As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I’ve received a personal invite and incentives for my time and efforts in creating this post.


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