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Brother Bear: 5 Months

William is 5 months old now! (for another 9 days, but hey, I’m trying!) 4 days after William turned 4 months, he had a day of non-stop screaming. I ended up taking him to the doctor, because I really felt that something was wrong. He was diagnosed with an ear infection, and got his first every round of antibiotics. Poor homeboy.

He is a drooling machine, and I keep expecting to see two bottom teeth poke through any day now, but he shows no sign of them. Vivien had two teeth by 5 months old, and honestly, I am loving that he doesn’t have any teeth yet, because I adore his gummy little smile.

William Is:

  • 14 lb 4.5oz (8th percentile. Poor little dude.)
  • Wearing a size 2 diaper
  • Wears size 3-6 month clothing still
  • Sitting up, rolling over, rocking his body back and forth in a crawling motion.
  • Eating some cereal in the evening. He started with rice, and then moved on to oatmeal. He isn’t a huge fan of either, but he eats it, and it seems to cut down a bit on his fussing at night time. I think later this week I’m going to try to make some organic quinoa cereal.

His sleep still isn’t amazing, and the same thing applies that he sleeps in the rocker at first, and then moves into bed with me after his first feeding. He spends the rest of the night snuggled next to me and snoring in my face. He does go to sleep easier for Eli though, maybe because when he’s with me he wants to eat, so that’s actually really helped regain some sanity for me. Eli will take him up for the night, and then I’ll stay up and work, or edit photos, or write. It’s been amazing, and really helps me decompress a bit before I go to bed.

He celebrated his first Easter on his 5 month “birthday” so it was a fun and busy day with family. I cannot believe he will be 6 months very shortly, and that he’s already into the nearly crawling phase. I feel like I pushed Vivien to do so much, but with William I am just dragging my feet a bit more on those milestones.

Vivien Is:

  • She is officially 2 and a half! (which deserves it’s own post in and of itself, but I’m a giant slacker lately.)
  • Struggling with tantrums more often.
  • The sweetest big sister ever. Seriously. Last week when we were driving to the park, I heard in the backseat talking to William, whose carseat is in the middle seat and next to hers. I heard her say, “I yuv you, brudder” and when I turned around to look, they were holding hands. Holding hands, people. I’m fairly positive that my heart shattered into a billion pieces. She is always loving on him, kissing him, and helping me with him by fetching toys, or wipes.
  • A funny kid. She has jokes, and says the funniest things ever.
  • I’m willing to bet that she is a born Mommy, this girl of mine. She is so observant, sweet hearted, and nurturing. If someone is sad, she cheers them up. When there is a sad song playing on the TV, she literally cries. She has her baby dolls positioned everywhere around the house- one on the potty, one in the highchair, one in the bed, and she remembers where they are and which ones are where.  It’s so sweet to watch her blossom into a little girl.

Vivien on the left at 5 months, William on the right at 5 Months.

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Happy 5 months, homeboy. I love you so, so much!

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