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Family Vacation: Santa Fe, NM.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we were lucky enough to take a mini-family vacation down to Santa Fe, NM. It took us about 7 hours to get there, because the weather was terrible (in fact, at one point I had to pull off because it started to rain and hail so badly.) It was also dinner time, and general fussy-time for the kiddos. We arrived at the resort late, but went to sleep excited to see the resort in the day light.

The resort was amazing (I’ll make sure to link the full post about it on Daily Mom once it goes live) and we were all in awe over the luxury, and the new things and places. Vivien loved her kid’s sized bath robe, and the fact that we had our own patio. I had been talking up going swimming for ages, so as soon as we finished breakfast, we packed up and headed to the pool. (And it was chilly!)

William floated in his floaty, and actually fell asleep for most of it. Ha! Vivien enjoyed swimming with her new puddle jumper, and made me realize (again) I need to sign her up for swim lessons, because she is not pool comfortable. Anyway.

She also had her very first ever bubble bath. Hahaha! The bubble bath passed my “crazy chemical ingredient test” (unlike most others on the market) so she was in bubble heaven! I went on a tour of the grounds, and had a spa treatment while the kiddos took a rockin’ nap (3 hours!)

Then we went to dinner, and went on a fun walk after dinner to get some of the wiggles out of the toddler before bedtime.

The next morning was kind of lazy, and we packed up the car to get ready to go sightseeing in downtown Santa Fe. We left around 11:30, and got downtown shortly thereafter. What. A. Madhouse.


Like a typical downtown area, it was jam packed with tourists, and shopping. I bought a hand painted ceramic pot, and a Christmas ornament (it’s our tradition) and we spent the rest of the time looking for a doll that I stupidly  promised Vivien a few days prior.

Navigating the streets with the double stroller (and the tiny shops) was a bit tricky, and I actually ran over a street gypsies tip basket unknowingly with the stroller in the plaza. Oops. In case you’re wondering, Eli saw people laughing, and ditched me for a good 5 minutes until he finally met back up with me, to tell me that I had taken out her basket. Isn’t he so nice? ;-)

She was, however, possibly the worst singer I’ve ever heard in my life, so I didn’t feel very guilty. #MommyOnAMission

Oh yeah, that photo right there? That’s my new favorite photo I’ve ever taken. Like, it’s postcard worthy, in my humble opinion. I wish we could have gone in the church, but it was a Sunday and mass was just getting out.

Once we finally found Vivien’s stupid Indian doll, and I ate the most disgusting “World Famous Frito Pie” I’ve ever tasted in my life, we high-tailed it out. Navigating crowds just isn’t enjoyable with a toddler that hates riding in a stroller, and a fussy baby.

The drive home was actually super easy. Both kids fell asleep within the first hour of the trip, and slept for 2 and a half hours! The ride home only took us a little longer than 5 hours, which was totally manageable, and was really pretty scenery.


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