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From “busy” to “balanced” in 2015 (hopefully)

Yesterday was one of those days. During the course of the day I vacuumed the house, cleaned 4 bathrooms, did 3 loads of laundry and meal planned for the week. I also cooked dinner, and went grocery shopping. The word busy sums it up, and that’s how I feel about life lately. Our weekends are booked for next month and a half, and evenings are spent hectically cooking dinner and then starting the bath & bedtime routine.

But tonight, as I finished up Vivien’s bath and was about to tuck her into bed, I heard her squeaky voice ask me, “Mommy, are you too busy to read me a story?”

I thought of how exhausted I was, and how I longed to sit down and possibly pour myself a glass of champagne before I started my “working hours” of photo editing, Daily Mom, or (sometimes, usually not) writing. Truthfully, I was busy. But in that moment, everything came to a screeching halt and I stopped to read Vivien her Berenstain Bear book while she nuzzled her wet head that smelled like soap into the crook of my arm and recited most of the book by memory to me before I even got the chance to turn the pages. That. I should never be too busy for that.

While I was mentally giving myself props all day for kicking ass at being a housewife, I failed at being a stay at home mom. I was too preoccupied to spend the day helping William do somersaults like the day before. (It’s his favorite pastime. He’ll do them for hours.) I didn’t take Vivien down to the playroom and watch her “grocery shop” and then come up with something “deeeeelishush” to pretend-feed Will.

Sometimes I need to work on balance. My mom has always said that I have the world’s worst case of “tunnel vision.” If I want/need something done, it must be done NOW, and there’s no rest or downtime until it is. I enjoy immediate gratification, and hate the process of waiting. However, what’s happening daily (and, dare I say, immediately?) is my kids are growing up. Quickly. They won’t always want me to read them stories, or carry them around all day, every day (::ahem::Will.)

So maybe I’m late to the proverbial blogger punch bowl, but this year, I am striving to work on balance. Hence, my word of 2015 (Two months late.) Including finally taking some time for yours truly in the mix. My kids should never ever have to question if I’m too busy for them.

Look, I’m only 5 days late to posting Vivien’s Valentine’s Day photo. That’s a record here, as of late.

1 comment to From “busy” to “balanced” in 2015 (hopefully)

  • sheena

    You can do what I do: all the laundry gets done done during the day, but nothing gets folded until after the kid is in bed. Super annoying to look at the giant heap on the couch all day but it gives time for other things.
    and sometimes I leave the kid only semi supervised in the play room so I can scrub a tub or check an email. That’s how hands get colored black or I lose an entire $5 scrapbooking glue to one giant glob for a few pieces of scrap paper my kid has assembled. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds with 2.