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Both feet in the 30′s door.

With two hours left, I feel accomplished to note that TODAY is my birthday. I have officially fully entered my 30′s with both feet in the door. No longer am I “on the cusp” of the decade.


Nothing spectacular happens at 31, except that you (kind of) remember what a big deal of a birthday this was 10 years ago. So instead, I’ve decided to do a post on 10 things that 31 year old me, wish I could tell 21 year old me.

  1. You’re going to get divorced. He’s a tool anyways, and your next husband is way cooler.
  2. You’ll be SUPER SKINNY because of said divorce. Dry your weepy eyes and enjoy your perky self.
  3. Smoking is ugly. Quit immediately. You’ll be embarrassed you used to do it, one day.
  4. While on the topic of cancer, WEAR SUNSCREEN WHEN YOU LIFEGUARD. Being tan is totes over-rated.
  5. Abbreviating words will be cool, soon. Totes. Adorbs. Presh. Cray. Start saying them now, and you’ll be totes rad, and ahead of the curve.
  6. Everything, and I mean everything happens for a reason.
  7. One day, you’ll have two hysterical and goofy kids that make you laugh daily. Until then, live your life and be free.
  8. Go visit the ocean daily. You’ll miss it like crazy when you move to a landlocked state.
  9. Cherish your friends, but know that they, like you, will grow. Some grow closer, and some grow apart. That’s life.
  10. Don’t ever go to Carlsbad with Regina. You’ll never, ever, live that night down. In fact, Carlsbad is kind of janky anyways. I’d just skip that bar scene all together, if I were you. Which I am.

Here’s to being 31!

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