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Easter Traditions and Outfits

In the weeks leading up to Easter, my Grandma took a turn for the worse, and I ended up packing up both of the kids and the car and driving (alone!) with them to Michigan. We ended up being gone 15 days during March, so the month really flew by in a tizzy.

Easter kind of seems to be an understated holiday in my house, for some reason. It may possibly be because it usually happens close to my birthday (not that my birthday is anything special, but you get the jist.) We spent the Saturday prior dying Easter eggs after Vivien got out of gymnastics class (hence the leotard) and writing notes to the Easter Bunny and coloring him pictures. Vivien went to bed that night excited for the Easter experience, and told me, “The Easter Bunny can leave me candy, but tell him not to hop into my room when I’m asleep.”

Check, kid.

We pacified William during the egg dying process with about 2 lbs of blueberries.

Vivien was super stoked for all her Frozen things that she got in her basket, and then proceeded to post up at the table and eat all the candy out of her basket. And Williams. #bigsisproblems

After their nap, I got them dressed in their fancy Easter duds, and went out front for a little photo shoot. The super sunny midday weather was rough. I should really time our memories to happen during golden hour.

For more details on the kid’s outfits, check out this post on Daily Mom: Kids Easter Fashion Guide

It’s also next to impossible to get a photo of Vivien and William together. Im.Poss.Ible.

Peace out, sister. I got places to go.

Then I captured about 400 photos of William looking at me, skeptically, through his awesome furrowed eyebrows. This kid has about 4 million faces, and it’s HYSTERICAL to see them change every 2 seconds based on his mood at the time. He’s turning into such a funny kid, lately. He’s super expressive, and crazy loud. He knows what he wants (and it’s usually naughty) and hollers if he doesn’t get his way. But he’s legit the sweetest little boy ever. He adores giving his Mommy kisses and hugs, and loves snuggling. He hates strangers (he’s not a trusting kid. He gets it from his Daddy.)

I ran across a timehop from Easter last year a couple days ago, and it stated how much I adore little boy’s Easter Clothing. And honestly, it’s my absolute favorite. Picking out adorable dresses for Vivien is super fun, but how freaking cute is William’s vintage inspired sailor short set?! I want to dig it out for another shoot a little later later this Spring, because it’s the best. Theeeeee beeeeeest. 

Oh, and one more, because I’m a glutton for punishment and tiny toddler temper tantrums:

How was your Easter?

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