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Princess play, all day, everyday

Vivien hit her love for princesses around the time she turned two, and she was all about Elsa. As she’s gotten older, her love for princesses has grown, and she is familiar with most of them, and requests to watch them all the time. While she does watch her favorite movies about once a week, I’ve been trying to encourage her to use pretend play as her way to “connect” with the princesses. One of her all time faves has always been Cinderella.

Vivien loves playing dress up, and always has the most hysterical imagination when it comes to pretend play. The other day, we kicked it up a notch with this absolutely stunning Cinderella Costume from Costume Express.

We love using costumes because they open up more possibilities for imaginative play, and kids have been proven to learn and grow using imaginative play. We may not be able to spend all day long pretending we are princesses heading off to the royal ball (#littlebrotherprobs) but I feel like this one-on-one time gives me great bonding experiences with her, and will hopefully teach her how to be an empowered girl (and then woman.)

The Cinderella Costume from Costume Express is seriously stunning. It doesn’t feel like a cheap costume that will be ruined after a few play sessions. She absolutely adores her Cinderella Costume and asks to play in it daily. The costume is durable, and you can tell that Costume Express prides themselves on creating quality costumes.

The puff sleeves are stuffed so they won’t ever flop over, and the back features a high quality zipper. The satin dress and intricate details really make this Cinderella costume stand apart from any other brands. Details like quilting, intricate layering and even accessories such as a choker and headpiece allow this costume to sparkle and shine, and your daughter will love it, and beg to play in it every single day.

Costume Express offers great prices with their costumes, and since they are made with such good quality, they will actually stand the test of time, saving you money in the long run. They also have hassle-free returns, and tons of options of characters available, so you’re sure to find a costume that is perfect for your child.

Costumes don’t have to only be worn at Halloween (though it certainly can be!) and can be enjoyed throughout the entire year with your child for hours of fun and (cheap!) entertainment.


Connect with Costume Express:

Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for my honest review. No additional monetary compensation was provided, and I do not recommend items that I do not love and test myself. All photos are property and copyright of The Memoirs of Megan and Memoirs Photography.


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