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A post about the furbabies + 101 ways to use Huggies® Wipes

Friends, I don’t spend a ton of time talking about our *first* children on this blog. But those of you who know my family, know that we are “blessed” with two mutts. We adopted Pixie back in 2009 as a puppy, and Puck as an “adolescent” in 2010. They came before the babies, and lived with us in California. Being that I started this here little blog in 2010 as a wedding blog, and it quickly morphed into a pregnancy/parenting blog a sheer three months after we were wed, the dogs have always kind of taken backseat here. Well that’s about to stop, right here and right now.

I don’t want to put up a front though- my dogs drive me C-R-A-Z-Y. They are loud, super spazztic, complete idiots, and I’m convinced that Vivien spends 85% of her day telling the dogs to “Shup! You’re too barky!” But, they are family. And family has unconditional love. (Unless a certain member does an unmentionable on the floor. Then family has rage.)

When we moved to Colorado, I quickly began cursing whenever it would snow or rain, because the dogs would come in from the backyard and would track their muddy, annoying, paw prints all over my hardwood floor. With two small dogs that are hyperactive, that’s a lot of footprints. And I had to mop them. Every time.

Recently though, we read a tip online about using baby wipes to wipe the dirt off the dogs feet before they come indoors (or, in our case, on the mat we keep strategically placed by the back door.) I started doing this a couple weeks ago, and, let me tell you, what a life saving tip! It saves me from having to keep a gross towel outside like I used to have to do, and I can simply do a few wipes of their feet when they come in the house, and voila! No more footprints.

My favorite wipes to get the job done are Huggies ® Simply Clean Wipes, because they are New and Improved with Triple-Clean Layers, and clean better than the other national brand’s sensitive wipes. They are extremely wet wipes compared to other brands, making them perfect for paw-cleaning. I stash them in the diaper bag (obviously) and now on the little table by my back door, just in case the dogs get into a messy situation.

Huggies® Wipes are a great way to clean up any family’s mess, not just baby’s! Huggies® has 101+ ways to use their wipes! Check out this video to see the many uses and purposes! Maybe you’ll find a lifesaving tip- just like I did!

Whether you use Huggies® Wipes for playtime, mealtime, or exploring, there is a package made especially for you, with fun designs or patterns to appeal to any trendy parent- dogs or human!

Tell me, what do you use baby wipes for?

All images are copyright The Memoirs of Megan and Memoirs Photography.



1 comment to A post about the furbabies + 101 ways to use Huggies® Wipes

  • sheena

    I like the Huggies wipes because the rip in half perfectly, in turn making them the perfect size for a new born sized butt.

    And I hate my animals. My vacuum sucks up enough pet hair 3 days a week to construct one entire dog and cat each week.