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Sharing is Caring (especially in SeptemBEAR)

Lately my children have been going through a super amazing phase. And I say that with 100% sarcastic undertones.

Sibling fighting.

I’m here to tell you that it’s real, and it’s real painful. It typically stems from one of the kids wanting the toy the other is holding, and they then take it upon themselves to simply take it from the other. It usually ends in a brawl, with the little one letting out a mad, high pitched scream and retaliating by hitting his sister, thus leading to her waterworks show. Really, it’s an eventful thing that I wish I wasn’t privy to. Ever.

I’ve been stressing the importance of sharing and caring with your sibling so many times I feel like a broken record. My “solution” this past summer has been to keep busy, and keep the kids out of the house and out of the Fight Club (aka: the playroom) I’ve bought books that emphasize sharing with your sibling, and we’ve watched children’s shows with that as the theme as well- but unfortunately, nothing seems to be working all the time.

My own siblings are quite a bit older than me, so I guess I just never experienced this type of fighting/arguing first-hand. The only thing that has recently started helping the situation is doing exercises constantly with sharing. We’ve taken turns, and instead of fighting over toys, we’ve used them to resolve conflict. For example, sometimes our toys are “sad” when they get fought over. Or a certain stuffed animal has to have a “time out” until both kids can agree to share nicely.

Our Snuggle Bears came at the perfect time, and I loved introducing it as both the kid’s bear, and having Vivien (typically the instigator) turn around and share it nicely with William. So, in a sense, the Snuggle Share Bear is helping us resolve conflicts (and it’s super cute, to boot!)

Did you know that September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day?

#ShareABear is a movement to show the world that something as small as gifting a teddy bear can brighten one’s day! Snuggle Bear will be making the world a softer place by personally donating 5,000 teddy bears to people who need them most. Since Snuggle Bear can only spread the teddy bear magic so far, everyone’s help is needed! Snuggle is asking fans to share their favorite teddy bear memories through photos, stories, and videos the entire month of SeptemBEAR.


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