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That time we moved to Michigan

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have realized that our little family recently moved cross country (again!), this time to Michigan.

“Why Michigan?!” you may ask. 

Well, simply put, I grew up here. I lived in Michigan from when I was 10 years old, until I moved away when I was 20. And truthfully? I couldn’t escape fast enough. I had a variety of reasons that basically, made me despise my hometown for a very long time. But, everyone grows up. Matures. I like to think that I did both of those things pretty successfully. After all, I got married, divorced, learned how to survive 100% on my own in Southern California, got married to Eli, had a few kids, moved to both Northern California and Colorado…well, the list goes on.

One of my realizations during my journey was the utmost importance of family. And I couldn’t help but miss them, every single day. I missed the craziness, the (ridiculously loud) get togethers for every single occasion and holiday known to mankind, and having my kids exposed to that experience. I missed having my mom around to watch the kids so Eli and I could step out alone for an hour- whether it’s to go to a football game in Ann Arbor, or just down the street to the grocery store. And, as much as I hate to admit it, I missed Michigan.

When we came back here for vacation in September, we kind of jokingly threw around the idea of “what if we moved here?” Realistically, the cost of living is drastically lower in Eastern Michigan compared to Denver. (Shocker, right? Sike.) Our home that we bought in Colorado was valued (literally) 50% higher than we purchased it for back in 2012. It seemed fiscally responsible to “cash in” on the crazy housing market, when the value was so high. Eli and I always had dreams of owning land, and taking a step back, and it seemed like the perfect chance to do so.

We sold our home in Colorado very quickly, and made an offer on the “perfect” one to appease our laundry-list of wishes. It’s a gorgeous home, nestled on a private road and has 10.5 acres of land, and the kids are ecstatic over the pool and hot tub in the backyard. I have wild “homesteading” dreams, and it’s the ideal location to begin that endeavor. (More to come on that!)

We ended up driving away from Colorado on March 11th. Eli and I were both sobbing as we drove away, because we left some pretty amazing people & family behind. We had no intentions of ever moving, so tearing my kids away from their playgroup they’ve been best friends with since birth was the hardest thing I’ve done in a while. When we moved into our home in Colorado, I imagined having my kids grow up there. I dreamt of Vivien walking down the stairs and meeting her prom date, and William rolling his eyes at me as I took 4,000 photos of him in the front yard before going on his first date.

But, things change. Dreams change. Admittingly, I don’t typically handle change well. I tend to internalize until I break down. That’s why this blog has always been such a great outlet for me to express myself, creatively.

I almost feel as if we are taking a step back, as a family. We are removing ourselves from the hustle and craziness to plant some roots, harvest the land, and grow together as a family unit. Part of me is terrified. Part of me is excited. But I am (mostly) sure that this was the right decision for the family.

Ironically, this blog was started back in 2009 when I moved away from my support-net of friends. I continued it as I quit my job and we moved to Colorado, and now it’s following us to Michigan a few years later. Life is a stupidly-weird journey, and to quote one of my favorite movies, “ Life’s a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

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