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Choosing Environmentally Sustainable Household Paper Products

I like to refer to myself as “50% crunchy.” Basically what that means to me is that I will scour the aisles of my local market, investigating the labels of body wash soap to make sure it doesn’t have palm oil listed as an ingredient (because, #monkeys) but then I’ll drop and grab some fast food on the way home. I realize the blatant discrepancies, but, we all have priorities, right? The “crunchy” side of me mostly cares about the environment, when it comes to bath and body products. I also have crazy-sensitive skin, and pretty much break into hives if Tide clothing detergent comes within a 100 ft radius of where I’m standing. (I also have a flair for the dramatics, eh?)

Pair that with my tree-hugging love, and, it’s a recipe for disaster for most paper products featured at your local Kroger store. When I got approached by Caboo, I was thrilled to learn about this alternative product.

Did you know that global toilet paper use takes 27,000 trees, per day, out of our ecosystem? 

Replacing each tree to get to the same level can take decades. But, I mean, it’s toilet paper. Sure, the 100% crunchy mom would switch her family to a cloth system, or even a bidet to cut down on usage. But, the 50% mom? Well, I’ve always just gone with Charmin and made mental notes to plant more trees on my property and apologize to my future grand children.

Enter, Caboo. Exit, guilt.

Caboo products are made 100% from sustainable bamboo and sugarcane. How is bamboo any better? Bamboo and sugarcane are a grass, and can quickly be re-grown to harvest, unlike hard, wooden trees. They also don’t require re-planting to grow again. That makes bamboo and sugarcane a sustainable alternative to conventional paper made from trees, as part of an effort to minimize our overall environmental footprint.

All of the products in Caboo’s line feature the same awesome quality, without anything to make you feel guilty. Everything is fully biodegradable, more eco-friendly than recycled paper, non GMO verified, and they don’t use any chlorine to bleach the products.

I was able to put some of the products to test, in my own home, for the past few weeks. Let me tell you, I was googling where to find them locally!

  • Baby wipes: These are my favorite product from Caboo. They are wet, and extremely durable. They are  infused with natural organic extracts including Chamomile & Aloe (Soothing), Vitamin E (nourishing), Gromwell Root & Honeysuckle (Antioxidants). This product receives an A+ on my scale, and, even though we are now out of diaper stage (Hallelujah!) I still have packs stashed everywhere to clean up gross kid-messes that happen every time I blink. I also love how I can wipe the kid’s face directly, and don’t feel like I’m just depositing gross chemicals on them.
  • Bathroom Tissue: I mean, I’ll spare you the details, but, it’s pretty great. It is 2-ply, though it does feel a bit “thinner” than other conventional 2 ply TPs at the store. I’m okay with that, though, since we do have a septic system and I’m pretty paranoid about what I send down the drain. It’s very soft, to the touch.
  • Facial Tissue: Truthfully, I only stock tissues because my mom is a tissue addict. I tend to usually grab some TP if I need to wipe my nose. But, to each their own. I really enjoy the Caboo facial tissue, and think it’s very thick, and extremely soft. Vivien got a really bad head cold a few weeks ago, and her little nose didn’t get nearly as chapped/red as it usually does.
  • Table Napkins: Love these! I usually buy recycled paper napkins, however, I like these more.

Caboo can be purchased from many local US retailers, such as Wegmans, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, etc. I wish that they were sold via Amazon, because I would totally switch out some of my normal subscribe & save products I usually purchase monthly for Caboo. Next time I make the hour+ drive trek into Detroit for Whole Foods, I’ll have to stock up!

Make sure to check out Caboo to learn more about the brand, and find out where you can purchase these amazing, sustainable products for everyday life!

I was not compensated for this post. I did receive the products free of cost in exchange for my honest reviews. As always, my opinion is 100% my own.

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