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William at 3

I seriously don’t even know where to begin to describe William with words. He’s not like any other kid I know: he’s a force of nature. He always has been, really, so I’m not sure why that fact surprises me every day.

If I had to choose one word to describe Will, it would be easy. PASSIONATE.

He is passionate about every single thing he does. He is outgoing, rambunctious, energetic. But I keep going back to the word passionate. You see, unlike no other kid I’ve ever seen, he commits 100% to something. Sometimes (more often than I’d like!) he’s committing to something less than ideal, such as a temper tantrum, doing “naughty” things (I’ve never seen a kid with the climbing capability that he possesses) or having an argument. That’s the bad side of passionate. When he laughs, it’s a deep belly-laugh, and it seems to start at his toes. When he screams, it’s like a banshee.

He loves fiercely. He loves being the center of attention. Spending 1 on 1 time with him is my favorite thing to do, because he’s in his glory. He has the sweetest heart, and loves his people without fail. He still lets me rock him to sleep, and squeezes my neck as hard as he can until his tiny arms go limp around my neck and he starts quietly snoring. He is stubborn, and daring. He loves jumping, climbing, and doing the most dangerous things possible, wherever he is.

He’s seriously hysterical, and loves telling jokes, and pretending to be different things. His current favorites are monsters, Captain America, the Hulk, and Iron Man. He calls his stuffed animals his “dollies” (I suppose we can thank his sister for that one) and he has to take a different dolly wherever he goes. He loves football, and watching the Denver Broncos games with Mommy & Daddy every Sunday. He’s so smart. He has been speaking in sentences for ages now, and can recite entire verses of songs from memory. He amazes me every single day.

He’s the worst eater you can ever imagine. He literally survives off of the most random bites of food throughout the day: usually while running away from me yelling, “Go eat that at the table!” He wakes up every single day at 6:30am and greets me with, “Good morning, Mommy! I had a good sleep!”, and I can usually pacify him with Disney Jr. until I finally have a lapse in judgement and he’s able to successfully sneak into his sister’s bedroom to wake her up.  He loves dancing, and singing, and going to the library. He’s freakishly good at puzzles. If you ask him what his name is, he will always answer, “Brother Bear!”

He lights up our world, and I cannot believe he’s 3 years old. Happy birthday, Brother Bear!

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