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B.B. 2.0 Bump Update {Week 9}

Baby is the size of a: Green Olive


Morning Sickness: Yes, writing that I feel “great” may have not been the best move, in retrospect. I had a few rough days this past week. Luckily, the doctor had prescribed me an anti-nausea pill called zofran, and that has really seemed to help. I take [...]

B.B. 2.0 Bump Update: {Week 8}

Baby is the size of a: raspberry

Before I start, based on the doctor’s dating (which I am still not convinced of at all) this is actually covering 2 weeks worth of “stuff.” That way I am across the board even. After going to our April 25th ultrasound and doctor’s appointment, she has placed my [...]

B.B. 2.0 Bump Update {Week 7}

Baby is the size of a: Blueberry



Oh, 7 weeks. It was an adventure this week, that’s for sure. I traveled back to Colorado from California, and shortly after returning home, I started bleeding. I called Eli upstairs in a shrieking panic, and promptly called my OB. They set an appointment for the [...]

B.B. 2.0 Bump Update {Week 6}

Vacation (1 of 1)-2

Baby is the size of a: Small Pea


I continue to be very fatigued and exhausted. Heartburn has also kicked in a bit, but that’s actually fairly normal for me, depending on what I eat.

My cramping has subsided, and all around feel great. Except for the exhaustion, which makes me feel like a [...]

Transition Fears

Edits (11 of 12)

Beginning to think about some major transitions that should be occurring over the next few months is putting me into slight panic mode. With the arrival of 2.0 on their way in just 7 short months, there are some major things that need to start happening. These things I have no idea about where to [...]