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Dresses from Shabby Apple

Baby, it’s fall outside

I’m well aware that is not how the song goes, however, I love fall and I wish there were more festive jingles involving MY favorite time of the year.

On Sat. we went to Mile High Farms for our annual pumpkin patch trip. It was so much fun recreating photos I took of Vivien last year, an entire year later. The biggest addition is that I was 8.5 months pregnant last time, and now William is here and 10 months old! Late fall babies trip me out- like this year will be William’s first Halloween. But I digress.

We really had a fun day at Mile High Farms, and were able to let Vivien dictate what she wanted to do. Which meant riding the “choo-choo” about 8 times.

This isn’t the best picture but I absolutely adored watching her ride it, and every time she’d pass us, I’d see a tiny little hand pop up and a small (big) voice yelling, “Hi Mommy!” I nearly collapsed from the cute overload.

We all love Mile High Farms because once you’re in, everything is free pretty much. They don’t try to upsell you to buy train rides, or bounce house turns, or petting zoo admission. Sure, there’s food available there for a cost- and the pumpkins you pay for (at a very reasonable rate) but all in all, it’s a fun and cheap family outing.

We were able to walk in to the corn maze, but Vivien wasn’t feeling it, so we didn’t get to do it. Last year we did, so maybe she will enjoy it again next year. Or maybe that will be our first stop next year, instead of one of the last. Regardless, they have two different mazes available- a large one, and a small one, so it’s perfect for kids of any ages. (Like I mentioned before, Vivien walked the entire mini-maze last year by herself at 23 months old.)

This post has been fairly Vivien-heavy, but William was there too, and really loved all the extra daddy snuggles he got in the ergo. He even took a pretty good nap in it.

We then boarded the hayride (which consequently, we found out the hard way that Vivien is allergic to hay) and headed to the massive pumpkin patch.

Once there, we searched long and hard for the “perfect pumpkin” and Vivien chose her favorites.

One of my favorite things about Mile High Farms is that it’s a legit pumpkin patch- like you have to choose it and cut it off the vine. I hope you enjoyed the photo dump of fall cuteness as much as we enjoyed the memory and (now) tradition of going to Mile High Farms. If you’re in Colorado, I highly recommend taking the trek to Bennett for this hidden gem. It’s well worth it!

Happy Fall, friends.

Visit Mile High Farms Receive $2 OFF ADULT / $1 OFF CHILDREN & SENIORS 

Disclaimer: My family and I received paid admission and free pumpkins in exchange for my post. However, we have paid to go ourselves in the past, and will continue to go every year because we love it that much!

Favorite Fall Activity

Every year I anxiously wait to go to the Pumpkin Patch. Last year we visited Mile High Farms (see my post here) and it was so much fun that I can’t wait to share with you some promos they have going on. We’ll be going to the Farm around the beginning of October, and I can’t wait to share those photos with you again. If you’re in the Denver area, don’t miss the coolest corn maze around, and our favorite place to experience fall fun with a hay ride and pumpkin patch picking frenzy.

This year at Mile High Farms get ready for our newest additions of activities inspired by the most creative individuals on the planet – kids of course! We have a Craft Castle full of imaginative stations for the entire family. Also, we’ve upcycled a 1937 Chevy School Bus into a birthday party destination where you can host your child’s special events! And you don’t want to miss our new maze inspired by what we believe to be an undiscovered dinosaur found on our land while planting our pumpkins! Our approach is simple; plant with imagination, water with fun, grow something special. Follow us on Facebook for all the details. Fall Into Fun at Mile High Farms!

Click here for a special coupon for you : $2 OFF ADULT / $1 OFF CHILDREN & SENIORS

Thanks to USFamilyGuide and Mile High Farms for sponsoring this post.

Potty Training with Pull-Ups

As many of you know, we have been trying to potty train Vivien now for a while. She hasn’t responded well with it, so we have decided to take it slow, and not push her (which inevitably induces a temper tantrum of epic proportions.) One thing reigns true though, she loves being able to take her own “undies” on and off and sitting on the potty when she sees fit.

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Wordless Wednesday: Impromptu Photo Shoot

Vivien is at the age that she actually enjoys having her photo taken, which seriously warms my heart as a mom-tographer. So when she actually suggests doing a photo shoot in the front yard? I’ll take it!

Seriously? Slow your roll, Tyra.

Oh, and “Budder Bear” also had to make a debut:

Be still my heart.


{Leggings courtesy of Sew Itty Bitty Designs}

Personalized Labels for the Home with Kidecals

I love labeling. I’m not sure when this obsession started, but having clear and precise labels on stuff takes away the guess work, and if there’s anything that a busy mom hates, it’s guess work.

Once upon a time, my Mom and new stepdad were in town visiting. He went to put sugar in his coffee, took a big gulp and sputtered and spit it out. Apparently discerning between my canisters on my countertop was harder than I thought- so I spent some time researching labels.

When Kidecals reached out to me to review some labels, I knew it would be the perfect fit! First off, they are a Colorado local company based out of Boulder, which is my absolute favorite. Second off, they have a ton of labels available to fit anyone’s needs! Thirdly, the chalkboard label is perfect for my canisters, because I can swap the contents and simply wipe off the chalk.

Kidecals are personalized labels that are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer safe!  Plus they stick to any surface. You can use these stickers on clothing, backpacks, tupperware, devices…you name it. If you don’t need any name labels, there are still plenty of options to choose from for both kids and adults, such as keyboard stickers canning/baking labels, chalkboard labels, and much more!

On top of ordering the awesome chalkboard labels pictured above, I also ordered the awesome doorbell sticker that has proven to be my godsend (especially during election soliciting time!) while still maintaining a bit of my personal sense of humor:

It has rained, hailed, and snowed, and my doorbell sticker looks as perfect as it did the day I bought it. Shipping is free every day, and there are tons of different options available. Check out Kidecals- you won’t regret it!


Disclaimer: I received the chalkboard labels in exchange for my honest review. I paid for the doorbell label myself because I love it oh so much. All opinions are 100% my own.