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Brother Bear: 3 Months

As usual, I’m posting this update late- however, I DID remember to at least take photos (a few days late.) I guess that’s a plus? ;-) William turned 3 months old on the 20th of February. Luckily, this month he didn’t have to do any shots, so he was his normal self for photos- which usually means serious faced.

William is smiling more and more for his Daddy and I, although he continues to be serious around strangers, or different situations. When he smiles, he does so with his entire being, and even makes squeaks/squealing sounds most of the time as well. He loves standing up with one of us supporting him under his armpits, and is so strong. He still prefers to be held all day every day, which is both adoring and frustrating at the same time, because sometimes I have to put him down.

He loves blowing spit bubbles (as you can see above with a drooly chin) and chewing on his hands. I keep feeling his bottom gums and half expect to feel the beginnings of teeth, since his sister started teething around 4-5 months, but there is still nothing (thank goodness! I’m not ready!) He loves watching his sister, and she loves bombarding and smothering him with kisses and hugs and squeaky voices. His reflux seems to not be causing him so much pain, now that he’s on Zantac twice a day. Though he still does go through fussy bouts in the evenings some days. I ran out of probiotics last week, and it was miserable for like 2 days, until I made an emergency trip to Walgreens and overpaid for the kind we buy for him. (Gerber Soothe Drops) This past month, Eli went out of town for a business trip, and it was rough. Colic is not for the faint of heart. I also started on a probiotic and supplement to help optimize my breastmilk. It’s been known to help low-weight babies gain weight- so we’ll see next month if he’s gained any weight from it.  (I’ll write more about the product another day.)

Here are some stats as os 2/20:

  • Weighs 13 lbs even
  • 24″ tall
  • Wearing size 2 diaper
  • Transitioned into 3-6 and 6 month clothing. The sweater romper above is from Osh Kosh and it’s size 6 month. This sized clothing we have is by far his cutest yet. It’s full of little hipster outfits and I am loving dressing him in all them. Love me some little old man babies.
  • He still lives in those Garnet Hill slippers I mentioned last month. You can see he’s wearing them in his pictures here. They are the best. I’m buying them for all upcoming friend’s babies from now on.
  • He sleeps in his Rock N Play at night, and typically gives one 6 hour sleep stretch. During the day time, he will typically take one longer (2 -3 hr) nap, and then cat nap for the rest of the day.
  • He can roll from front to back and back to front. The other day I put him on the floor while I made his sister some lunch, and when I looked back, he was a good 3 feet away from the original place I put him, and was laughing up a storm. He loves being semi-mobile. *See below pics*

Vivien Is: 

  • 28 months old!
  • Showing a slight interest in learning how to use the potty. She likes sitting on it, because I allow her to play apps on my phone while she does. She has yet to go potty in her toilet, but we’ve been talking about it. If I had to guess, I’m going to say that within the next 4-5 months she is going to start showing signs of potty learning. Until then, we’ve been reading lots of books about potties, and watching the Elmo potty DVD.
  • Loves counting, and saying the ABC’s.
  • Loves hanging out with her best friend Raegan.
  • A great helper- she loves putting dirty clothes in the clothes basket, or helping me switch clean clothes from the washer to the dryer.
  • Loves saying “V.V’s! Mine!”
  • Likes yelling “Megan!” and “YI-YI!” (Eli) if one of us goes upstairs.
  • Hates eating meals. It takes everything for me to just “let it be” and let her choose if she wants to eat something or not. Chilli is a big hit with her, and she’ll usually eat a whole bowl, so we have that a lot. She also loves making pizza with daddy (she stands on a chair) so we have homemade pizza just about every week too. Otherwise, homegirl lives on bananas and nurtigrain bars.


Just for fun- Vivien on the left and William on the right. Both 3 months old.

To see Vivien’s 3 month post, click here!

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Best Friends

Anyone who has had a conversation with Vivien lately knows about her “best friend” Raegan. She talks about her non-stop, and asks to hang out with her pretty much every hour, on the hour.

She and Rae are only one day apart in age. They are the same exact size (tall girls!) and their blonde hair and blue eyes make them look similar as well. Couple that with the fact that Raegan’s mom is a good friend (and fellow photographer!) of mine, along with the fact that her second daughter is only a month or so older than William? Well, our families were destined to meet.

The girls play so well together, that it’s almost unreal, considering they are both strong-willed, opinionated, hysterical two year old girls. Her Mom, nor I, very rarely have to intervene to remind them to share their toys, or “take turns” like I do with most other kids. She just has a special bond with Raegan, and it’s adorable to watch it.

On Friday, it was a perfect day outside, and they came over around noon to hang out for a bit. I had put the bounce house up earlier that day since playgroup was at our house, so I decided to take out the camera and mess around with my new flash. I captured some adorable memories of some awesome static-y bounce house hair, and candid hugs.

I know there will be many “best friends” in Vivien’s life. But this is her first, and that’s what makes this relationship special.



Speaking of best friends? Vivien’s special Auntie and my sister-best-friend, has a birthday today! Happy Birthday, Auntie Christy!


Wordless Wednesday- A Day Late

For as much as she is skilled at giving me ulcers on the regular, sometimes (lots of times) she does sweet things, like going and laying down by her brother when I was cooking dinner, and give him giant kissy faces. She legitimately loves her brother, and I can’t wait to watch them grow up together.

The Parenting “Walk of Shame”

As a young 20-something, the term “walk of shame” is well known for many people. You may be arriving to your 8am class the next day wearing the same outfit as the night before, with the nightclub handstamp image transferred onto your cheek, your hair array, and reeking of jungle juice. This obviously never happened to me, friends. Whatever you may fondly associate the term “walk of shame” with is your own prerogative. But I’m here to tell you that once you have officially traded in your dancing shoes for Toms and your clubbing skirt for a forgiving pair of yoga pants and entered the land of Momhood- the “walk of shame” evolves as well.

Yesterday, for example, is the perfect analogy of what a 29 (almost 30!) year old’s “walk of shame” has morphed into. In case you didn’t realize this, I’m talking about me. And just so you know, I also happened to be wearing Toms, and yoga pants (that have never even been to a yoga class.) So you’re getting the visual.

It was a beautiful day, so a small group of girlfriends from playgroup and I decided to hit up the local Denver hot-spot. The happenin’ place for all Stay at Home Moms and children under 5 years old at 10am. The zoo.

We arrived in good spirits. The 2 year olds were in good spirits, and the infants were content and/or snoozing in the strollers. We made a hard right for the monkeys, bypassing the giraffes and the “etephants” (elephants).


Tourist attractions meant for kids know what they’re up to. Putting a very loud and very obvious carousel at the zoo?  Charging an extra admission price to ride it? The jig is up!

I should have known this was going to be the beginning of the end. The fact that Vivien began her temper tantrum before we even were able to purchase the tokens? The signs were all there. The waterworks started and the tantrums began. Friends, my daughter is not a cute kid when she’s throwing a tantrum. She contorts her face into what I labeled “ugly face”, and typically has at least three drool strands spanning from her nose to the floor at all times. That’s just the looks, too. The sound is loud, and annoying. And the actions? Oy. They almost always involve throwing something out of rage, plopping onto the floor, and sometimes kicking the ground as well.

She was able to pull it together after many threats from me of “time outs” long enough to enjoy the ride. And I’m sure you can imagine what happened approximately three minutes and one tiger-ride later.

The tantrum started again.

And it basically didn’t end. There was no reasoning with her, and it was escalating quickly. The ugly face was in full force, and my shoulder was literally soggy with drool strands and tears. My anger was rising as my patience level went down the toilet. It was time to just remove her from the situation, and stop the idle timeout threats. I informed her that we were leaving, and she heaved her entire body onto the dirty goose-poo covered sidewalk and began kicking. I picked her up and she arched her back and threw herself backwards. So I slung her under my armpit like a sack of potatoes, and haphazardly said our “goodbyes” and apologies to the other moms.

And then I started the long, shameful walk from the back of the zoo to the parking lot, with a toddler under my arm who was screaming at the top of her lungs, accompanied by kicking, punching and biting me as I walked. The modern day Mom’s walk of shame. 

Additionally, it carried on for the next hour and 30 minutes as well, and being shoved into a carseat only escalated matters. (Along with waking up her brother.)

I wanted to bury my head in the sand and mutter stupid pre-kid cliche phrases like, “If my child ever bit me, there’d be hell to pay.”

On the way out, I caught many sympathetic glances and encouraging smiles, because most of us have been there at one point or the other. Living with a toddler is sometimes hard. It’s kind of like having a manic bi-polar with a limited vocabulary and the inability to go to the bathroom on the toilet as a roommate.

Toddlers, man. They bring a whole different meaning to the word “frustrating” sometimes. Especially when you still sport their teeth marks on your rib cage 8 hours later.

Valentine’s Cuties

Valentine’s Day was a low-key day spent at a Mom’s Club party in the morning, and eating Chick-Fil-A at night, because everything else had a line around the block.

I was able to take some cute festive shots of the kiddos- and thought I’d share so they don’t sit in the abyss of my computer. So, pretend this is a wordless Wednesday post….on a Tuesday…..with just a few sentences. (Those who know me know for me, that is “wordless.”)