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Sidebar Button Swaps

If you’re a fellow blogger and are interested in linking up, please contact me. All linking up will be done free of cost, as we are simply promoting each other’s blogs. I will place your button on my page, and in return, you will do the same. It’s easy, and I love button swapping! I will also do social media shout-outs if you have a particular post or give-away you’d like me to promote.


Stats as of 5/1/2015

  • Total Followers: 2,100+
  • 1,875 Social Media Followers (twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest)
  • 225 External Followers (linky, networked blogs, wordpress/email, bloglovin’)
  • 500+ average page views per day, 4,000+ Unique Page Views Per Month


Company/Shop Sponsors

I am always looking for companies to advertise and sponsor my webpage. It generates publicity to your product. If you host a product review and give-away, you receive sidebar sponsorship free of cost for six (6) months.

Upon receiving a sample of the product, I will post about it within 30 days. Blog posts will be honest opinions, and will include pictures of me and/or my family utilizing the product. If you submit a product to be reviewed, you receive a free three month small sidebar advertisement.

To see all my previous reviews, click here.

Blog Give-Aways:

Give-aways are a fun way to generate interest in your product. In order for readers to be entered into the give-away, they will have to complete tasks which include (and may not be limited to) “like” the product page on facebook, visit the product website, follow the blog, blog about the post, etc. If you host a product review and give-away, you will receive a large sidebar advertisement slot for 6 months from when the give-away starts, free of cost.

All other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

megan {at}